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My name is Doe DeereI was born in Russia, grew up in New York City and currently live in Los Angeles with my husband/business partner Mark and our three cats. You may know me as the Founder of, a cosmetic company I started because I couldn’t find the kind of makeup I wanted to see — colorful, magical, cruelty-free!

Today, I’m a full-time beauty entrepreneur and product developer who is trying to change the way women look at makeup. I firmly believe that beauty is not what’s natural or even looks best, but what feels right at the moment. Having fun with makeup is a way of life, not a crime!

One of the most humbling events of my life was being named one of the “Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs” by SELF-MADE magazine. As someone who once started out really small and achieved success on my own terms, I support other female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. I love to share my own experiences and disperse business advice — so if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you on my Official Facebook Page!

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