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Anna Chapman is all over the news: the 28 year old femme fatale is one of the 10 suspected Russian spies arrested this weekend in NY. Chapman and her alleged co-conspirators are charged with conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government, as well conspiracy to commit money laundering. The charges carry a maximum penalty of five and twenty years in prison. More info and pictures of Anna here.

Just to clarify, I am not a spy and have little interest in politics. I can’t believe spies even exist in real life, much less hot Russian spies, it seems like something straight out of a movie…

Deerlings: What are your thoughts on this? Shall I do a Russian Spy photoshoot?

37 Responses to
“Anna Chapman: Russian spies roaming New York”

  • Anna says:

    Somehow, it seems too cool to be true :D I’m sure you’d make an awesome spy, Doe ! You should do a photoshoot with that theme someday ! <3

    Doe Deere Reply:

    I’m seriously considering doing it. :)

  • Stephanie says:

    Aw, I thought this post might include a Russian spy themed photoshoot! :P

  • Lorna says:

    Yeah, quite surreal! She’s pretty darned cute! :)

  • Kat V says:

    Yes, I support the Russian spy theme photo shoot idea! DO IT! :):):)

  • Yuliana says:

    She looks like Mylie Cyrus!!

  • Heather says:

    When I first heard this on the news, I was thinking, “Spies, really? Why?” I’m surprised it was even going on. Either they are ultra paranoid or we really are hiding something and they are onto it. ;)


    I so support a Russian spy photo shoot. :D

  • I believe spies do exist… and I also believe a “Spy” photoshoot would definitely be fun!!!

  • Erica says:

    This photo-shoot would be awesome! I think the whole thing is quite glamorous and epic!

  • Lol… “Just to clarify, I’m not a spy.” I know you’re not but just for a moment I pictured like, homing beacons in all your lipsticks and arsenic in the eyedusts! The ultimate spy campaign, if you ask me :) Too funny.

    Melissa Reply:

    There are cameras in her sunglasses!! Haha.

  • Victoria says:

    I heard about this and was baffled about it.

    Maybe I’m too gun-ho American, but would that be the best thing to do so close to the Fourth of July? It doesn’t seem too respectable.

  • Serpentaire says:

    That woman’s hands are skeletal and she looks fake. Not so hot, but she does have a pretty face.

    Russia has always been super paranoid, greedy and corrupted country, so the spies are only the tip of the iceberg. Besides, being a spy isn’t that unusal at all, many countries probably have them and all have had them. Spies merely live in other countries with false identies, study and learn how things work in those countries and how to influence the opinions of people. I’ve heard from various people having strange encounters(f.e: trying brainwash one into admitting certain opinions) with russian people, so the spies might be here as well.

    Marie Reply:

    No to the photo shoot. It wouldn’t be the greatest idea to have a “Russian Spy” themed photo shoot. Like Victoria said . Its just too close to the Fourth. It would also seem very Un-American to pull it off, because of the situation. It would be like a big F-you to America right now. Especially with all the crap going on with the war and the violence on the border..

    Melissa Reply:

    Well, wait a week and it seems fine to me. ;)

  • Kristabelle says:

    I think you should definitely do the photoshoot, sounds amazing :)

    (And people, get a sense of humor.)

    Victoria Reply:

    I have a great sense of humor, in fact I am very cynical, but this idea is really bad right now. Learn when to have good timing. Maybe then it would be okay.

    Kristabelle Reply:

    Given that the 4th of July is this weekend, I highly doubt she’d be doing it so soon. If you want to be so easily offended, it’s your choice- just know that it’ll make you an unhappier person.
    It’s not like she’s doing a shoot poking fun at 9/11 or something.

  • lol yes please do the photoshoot. when I saw the pic of anna in the news, I immediately thought of the black widow from marvel comics/ the iron man movie. you should do a superhero photoshoot too! xoxo =)

  • Nena says:

    You should do it !

  • Lorena says:

    You totally have to do a spy photo shoot. I love Russian spies… well, almost anything Russian, really.

  • Renee says:

    Absolutely! That would be awesome. People need to have a sence of humour :)

  • Lenore says:

    I love the idea of a spy-themed shoot just because of the irony of it, since spies are suppoesed to… you know… blend in. And we all know blending in is not really the point here.

  • Nena says:

    I just dont get one thing.I guess you all know that 4th july has nothing to do with Russia,or Russian spies,so declaring Russian spy photo shoot Anti-American is paranoid at this or any other time.And `seeing ` suspicious Russians that are trying to brainwash people is paranoid too,so some girls should think twice before attaching that word to people.

    Nena Reply:

    But,as i gave it a little thought,i realized that comment like this could lead to people arguing,and a lot of bad energy,and im not into that,and i also think that this blog is not place for arguing about this stuff ,so Doe,i would kindly ask you to remove my post.Thank you.If people want to argue about it,i wish that it would be done without me.

  • Gaiya says:

    I believe spies do exist. Maybe it’s cliche or whatever, but countries have to watch out for themselves. Love and peace is all good, but we’ve had a little bit of too much war for countries to be relaxing completely. In my option, Anna looks like a 15 year old trying to be sexy, but hey what do I know. Plus it’s a photo so she might look different.

    Not to add to the argument… but just to say “it’s not just about July 4th” I think spies are a serious business. We’re talking national security (for any country). I guess if I had to compare it… it would be like… if you did a femme fatal chainsaw massacre lunatic shoot. It might be hot in a sense, but it’s a bit too serious to make it just a “hot” shoot. (And I do realize the comparison is a bit too extreme, just thought it would give you an idea of where I’m coming from) I’m just putting it out there as something to think about, and my personal opinion only.

  • Mandy says:

    lol I love that you confirmed that you are not a spy.
    I’d love to see the shoot, but I’m excited by any you do hehe.

  • Melissa says:

    I worry that the spies will get large prison sentences which seems pointless. It does depends upon if the leaked information led to the deaths of many people though, but that seems unlikely. So I wish they would just get deported, fined, etc. Prison is for those that have committed violent crimes.

    That said, that woman is beautiful! Haha. The case has gotten more famous because of it.

    Melissa Reply:

    P.S. A Russian spy hiding in the suburbs photoshoot would be wonderful.

  • EmmaDilema says:

    Yes on spy photoshoot! You could be a retrofuturistic spy :)

  • Gabi says:

    A sense of humour is so often subject to opinion – so to be on the safe side, i’d recommend caution in a paranoid world, esp one where some of the things people won’t even believe in do indeed exist.

    But for fun ….. oh I’ll just go shut up ;~)

    ps: spies do indeed exist and always have, however, it has usually been in positions where they have access to sensitive information. Of course, one might say that men have often been led around by their lower extremeties; I do believe that was in a bit more naive times though??? I’d actually be interested to see how this all sorts out.

  • Judith says:

    So hot! Must have bright trenchcoats to keep up with the colors!

  • Jessie Dawn says:

    With the big budget movie Salt coming out (Angelina Jolie playing a Russian spy) I don’t think anyone would take your photo shoot as offensive. I’m mean if Hollywood can do it, then surely you can too.

  • Kristy says:

    Russian Spy inspired shoot would be awesome Doe!!! I would love to see what you do with it!

  • LOL HOT Russian Spy..hahahaha..i’ve heard of this, but it’s not shocking to me that this still happens. Why not? Some people are just evil and don’t care who gets hurt, but a photo shoot would not be bad. Sounds cool actually.

  • Bonniee:) says:

    1. not ALL beautiful Russian girls like yourself are spies. :)

    2. the photoshoot would be amazing. :DD

  • V. Vega says:

    I think the whole thing is just part of a viral marketing campaign for “Salt”. I mean, what better way to promote a movie than by making a movie about a contemporary issue? And movies take so long to make, why not just DIY the contemporary issue and avoid any unfortunate timing mishaps altogether?

    PS – Yes to the photo shoot.

    PPS – Concern Trolls: Photo shoots take time. It’s not like it would have been done before August anyway.

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