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Our new intern Anna is not only a web wiz but also a talented makeup artist! Check out her debut tutorial below and let’s hope to many more to come!


  • Eyes: Lime Crime Shoe Addict, Lime Criminal, Mirror Mirror, silver glitter, black eyeliner, black kohl, mascara, rhinestones, fake diamonds and decorative hearts (e.g from Claire’s)
  • Face: Foundation, setting powder
  • Lips: clear gloss

Complexity level: Advanced

The “Kanariya” look is definitely not for daily occasions (although I like to go out like this as often as I can). Try this look for glamorous parties and glittery events. It requires an advanced skill because of glitter and rhinestone application.

I started out by applying eyelid primer to my lids. I’ll be working with bright pigments and want them to have a nice, sticky surface to adhere to. Using a wet, angled brush apply Shoe Addict to your crease from inner corner to outer. Fade it into the brow bone lightly. Apply Mirror Mirror as a base colour to your whole top lid, then take a tiny sponge, dip it in silver glitter and apply all over top lid. Applying glitter can be a challenge at first, but you’ll get a hang of it eventually – remember, practice makes perfect!

Next, take a short-bristled shader brush and sweep Shoe Addict across bottom lid. Fade it into Lime Criminal on outer corners with a medium brush. Apply Lime Criminal to inner corners with a small brush.

As you can see, my left eye is different from my right. I applied Lime Crime and Shoe Addict wet, in short strokes on the other eye, which created this beautiful ‘feathered’ effect.

Confetti and rhinestones application

Now we’re coming to the most difficult part of the look: getting the rhinestones and silver hearts onto the skin. Dab on some Vaseline or eyelash glue (with a q-tip) to cover the under eye area. Once you have the sticky landing surface for your confetti, dip a fluff brush into the silver hearts and apply randomly under the eye. This look isn’t supposed to look structured, but rather mysteriously sparkling. Stick multi-colored rhinestones with tweezers. Dust some extra silver glitter over.

Finally, I used some black eyeliner, kohl and rather less mascara – up to you. I didn’t do anything about my eyebrows because my bangs cover them anyway, but you might want to pay attention to yours. Even the most beautiful make-up on earth can be ruined by unkept brows.

It’s the same procedure as always: foundation, setting powder, some blush if you like. Set with loose powder using a large, fluffy brush.

I kept my lips simple – just a dab of clear lip gloss does it!

Deerlings: Anna would love to see your interpretation of this look! Send your pictures to anna

58 Responses to
“Anna's Kanariya makup tutorial”

  • charlene daalling says:

    Very Nice but how did you get mirror mirror to come out so light?

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Anna is out on vacation this week so I’ll attempt to answer your question. :) My guess would be it was applied thinly and packed with light-silver glitter on top.

    Anna Reply:

    Doe is right about how I applied it + my focus lightens it up as well ha ha

  • Padmita says:

    Beautiful – this is right up my alley! Hope to see more looks from Anna soon (:

  • Ok, that is an INCREDIBLE look! You go Anna!

  • Ariel Grimm says:

    Now this is a makeup idea I like!
    Ooh, I’m so exited! I recently came upon a whole bunch of empty makeup jars and learned how to make my own glitter gel. Combine clear aloe vera & glitter!
    Now I just need some large confetti shapes to add to the mix!

  • Melinda says:

    considering i’ve been into jewelry making lately, I do have an over abundance of glitter. I may try this out! ^_^ I also have some swatches of several lipstick swatches on medium toned skin! ^_^

  • Dona says:

    It’s a lovely look, big thanks to Anna!

    However, I think you should mention the muisc video this look was inspired by, “Kanariya” by Ayumi Hamasaki.

    melody Reply:

    Actually, she did. Read again ;)

    Sunny Reply:

    this is driving me nuts now because I can’t find it!

    Yoshi Reply:

    I had a look and I can’t find it either…

    Lulu Reply:

    Here it is:


    Kuri Reply:

    I don’t see how it’s inspired by the music video…except for the name, which means ‘canary’.

    Yoshi Reply:

    I think it’s because there’s a substantial amount of rhinestones stuck on skin in the video… I wouldn’t mind trying that look either…

    Kuri Reply:

    I like Ayu’s hands in the video. Perfection!

  • Nathalie P says:

    Oh, the hearts make it so special!

  • Genesis says:

    Beautiful look! Very inspiring! :)

  • Gaiya says:

    hahaha. Dang Doe, better watch out! Anna’s got some mad creativity! :P With both of you doing tutorials, I’m sure we’ll get to see a lot of diverse looks. Keep it up guys!

    Doe Deere Reply:

    I think she’s even better than me in some ways and am very proud to have her on our team! :D

  • Teiva says:

    Anna has gorgeous eyes!

  • Kellee says:

    That is super adorable! Definitely gonna try it soon!

  • Yoshi says:

    This is a brilliant tutorial! I’d be interested to try this with different shapes of confetti, like cats or numbers or something? That might be a bit over the top. But yes, I am excited.

    Anna Reply:

    that’s one fantastic idea. I already tried this look with real flowers and fake clovers, huge rhinestones, fake glass (be careful), etc. I’d love to see this one with cats haha.

    Yoshi Reply:

    So did you stick the real flowers under your eyes? That would have been amazing as well… I am curious, what types of flowers did you use? Big or little? And how well did they stick?

    Anna Reply:

    I’m going to post some pics on my Twitter soon (noaeperera). I used both big, little, fake and real blossoms, applied them with both vaseline and eyelash glue. Make sure to treaten your skin well after removing that extraordinary make-up as it needs lots of glues to make the blossoms stuck.

    I tried this with roses, tulips, lavender and even herbs.

  • Rebecca says:

    She has the *coolest* eyes! I mean even without the makeup, they’re just such a cool color. And of course the makeup is totally awesome :D

  • Izzy says:

    This is gorgeous! But I have a question: after you put Vaseline/eyelash glue under your eyes for the glitter, wouldn’t that area be wet/greasy/etc. for the rest of the day? Or does it dry fairly fast?

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Use a q-tip to apply thinly. And yes, eyelash glue dries up within a minute.

  • Zane says:

    wow Anna this is gorgeous! i love love love all the sparkly bits! great job, i can’t wait to see more!

  • roxie says:

    I must say Anna, you have the prettiest eyes i have ever seen in my life…they’re so clear and sparkley! Very creative and gorgeous look, btw… haha i love how im more fascinated with your eyeballs ;)

    Doe Deere Reply:

    You’re not the only one – my mom even noticed and commented on Anna’s unusual eye colors. I’m not sure if it’s contacts or natural?

    Anna Reply:

    My natural colour :D The only contacts I use are blue, violet, white and turquoise.

  • Kara says:

    this is such a wonderful and gorgeous look! but i still can’t get over just how beautiful anna is…my goodness.

    Anna Reply:

    Thanks a lot, hun :)

  • Seth says:

    Ohhh my! Love the Ayumi-inspired look! She’s apparently one of my celeb doppelgangers. :p

    Definitely gonna bust it out for Valentine’s Day! We’ll see how it looks with reds and pinks and such on my olive skin…

  • faviola says:

    I just ordered Great Pink PLanet! cant wait to put it on!:)

  • Nancy says:

    I’m sorry, but this looks like it was done by a 15 year old. Just…messy.

    Doe Deere Reply:

    I like purposefully messy looks. They’re very artistic. :)

    tokidoki Reply:

    I agree!

    I don’t like it either. The make up distracts from how beautiful her eyes are.

    Anna Reply:

    That’s totally OK, thank you though :D

  • Miou' says:

    OMG ! so beautiful ! *0*

  • Lily says:

    The look is interesting. I wish that Anna’s eyeball was not so photoshopped, it looks strange and throws the entire photo off. If is OK to have some veins in your eyes, it’s normal.

    Anna Reply:

    I really never liked those veins, I must admit that I ALWAYS photoshop them, they seem too disgusting in my opinion (:

  • Suzanne C. says:

    Wow Anna’s eyes are beautiful they almost look inhuman in some of the close ups. I love the look and can’t wait to get my hands on some lime criminal and confetti.

    Amazing job Anna! Just one question for either of you: What is Kohl? My mom says it’s a type of eyeliner which is what I thought but how it’s explained here it seems like you’re talking about something else.

    Anna Reply:

    Right, it’s an eyeliner pencil (not liquid) :)

  • Jodi says:

    i dont know the film clip or artist that is inspiration for this piece, but i get a real Avatar feeling with this one (it must be the yellow and the greens) LOVE IT!

  • Great idea this, it very instructive for me. Thanks

    Follow me on Twitter

  • Annie says:

    Gorgeous look, I love the little hears – they give it a nostalgic, special effect (I mean, glitter is quite common in the cosmetics world, obviously, but this is new! And by nostalgic I mean they remind me of when I was 7 or 8, painting pictures and using this type of heart decoration).

    Also, I must emphasise how unusually beautiful her eye colour is, I wonder if it’s natural or not…

    Anna Reply:

    Oh yes it is :) Thank you so much

  • Victoria says:

    Gahh, this makeup look is AMAZING! I can’t wait to try it tomorrow :D

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  • Remi says:

    Whoah Anna!!! That is too cool :)

  • This is beautiful! My friend is moving in 2weeks and her house warming is an Alice in Wonderland theme… you have inspired my make-up now for my costume, the white queen, though I will change it to pearl and white of course for the white queen! Thank you :D

  • Mandy says:

    Anna you have amazing eyes very unique!

    Anna Reply:

    Thanks a lot :D

  • Kate says:

    Oh my, Anna is gorgeous!

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