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Our new intern Anna is not only a web wiz but also a talented makeup artist! Check out her debut tutorial below and let’s hope to many more to come!


  • Eyes: Lime Crime Shoe Addict, Lime Criminal, Mirror Mirror, silver glitter, black eyeliner, black kohl, mascara, rhinestones, fake diamonds and decorative hearts (e.g from Claire’s)
  • Face: Foundation, setting powder
  • Lips: clear gloss

Complexity level: Advanced

The “Kanariya” look is definitely not for daily occasions (although I like to go out like this as often as I can). Try this look for glamorous parties and glittery events. It requires an advanced skill because of glitter and rhinestone application.

I started out by applying eyelid primer to my lids. I’ll be working with bright pigments and want them to have a nice, sticky surface to adhere to. Using a wet, angled brush apply Shoe Addict to your crease from inner corner to outer. Fade it into the brow bone lightly. Apply Mirror Mirror as a base colour to your whole top lid, then take a tiny sponge, dip it in silver glitter and apply all over top lid. Applying glitter can be a challenge at first, but you’ll get a hang of it eventually – remember, practice makes perfect!

Next, take a short-bristled shader brush and sweep Shoe Addict across bottom lid. Fade it into Lime Criminal on outer corners with a medium brush. Apply Lime Criminal to inner corners with a small brush.

As you can see, my left eye is different from my right. I applied Lime Crime and Shoe Addict wet, in short strokes on the other eye, which created this beautiful ‘feathered’ effect.

Confetti and rhinestones application

Now we’re coming to the most difficult part of the look: getting the rhinestones and silver hearts onto the skin. Dab on some Vaseline or eyelash glue (with a q-tip) to cover the under eye area. Once you have the sticky landing surface for your confetti, dip a fluff brush into the silver hearts and apply randomly under the eye. This look isn’t supposed to look structured, but rather mysteriously sparkling. Stick multi-colored rhinestones with tweezers. Dust some extra silver glitter over.

Finally, I used some black eyeliner, kohl and rather less mascara – up to you. I didn’t do anything about my eyebrows because my bangs cover them anyway, but you might want to pay attention to yours. Even the most beautiful make-up on earth can be ruined by unkept brows.

It’s the same procedure as always: foundation, setting powder, some blush if you like. Set with loose powder using a large, fluffy brush.

I kept my lips simple – just a dab of clear lip gloss does it!

Deerlings: Anna would love to see your interpretation of this look! Send your pictures to anna

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