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Barbie: makeup tutorial

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Photography: Grenouille

My introduction into fashion began with the Barbie doll. I had one – yes, just one – growing up which Dad brought back from Moscow and me & my sister had to share. She was a traditional 90s Barbie – blonde hair, blue eyes, pink lips stuck in a perpetual smile and impeccable eyebrows. That doll, like no other, inspired me to create the most eccentric fashions out of scraps of fabric.

I always wanted to do a look based on Barbie but wasn’t sure if I could do her justice. I mean, she is a legend. When it comes down to it, there are three basic elements (aside from long blonde hair, of course) – and that’s extra-thick lash, top eyeliner, pink lipstick and that perfect brow that makes everyone in the room want to run out and book a threading appointment!


  • Eyes: nude eyeshadow, brown-beige shader shadow, highlighter, eyeliner, glitter
  • Lips: bright pink lipgloss – or make your own!
  • Face: foundation, Foundation Primer, Finishing Pixie Dust (both on sale this month)


{Lime Crime will be coming out with an Eyelid Primer in a few months! Excitement! :)))}

Start out with primer all over the lid to create a crease-free and smooth base for the eyeshadow. Sweep nude shadow across the lid all the way to the brow, define crease with a brown eyeshadow (I like to use Brush #5).  Define brow bone with your favorite highlighter, right under the arch. Apply 2 layers of mascara to top and bottom lashes. Draw a winged eyeliner thickly, as close to the lashes as possible.

Hattie: Topsy Turvy Design | Earrings: ShanaLogic

I am wearing THREE pairs of eyelashes here – two on top one on bottom! The ones on top are the long kind and the foil dots kind (both by Red Cherry). On the bottom, I’m wearing Revlon Fantasy Lengths lash which comes in individual clusters. Apply glue, let dry for about 30 seconds and stick on the lashes on top of the liner. Glue individual lashes slightly below your natural bottom lash line.

This glitter is one of the colors I’m currently working on; not sure if it will be part of the line yet. What do you guys think??

Dab on some lotion or creme shadow onto the center of the lid. Dampen a large, dense brush (like #3) and apply glitter over the lid. Do not go over the crease line with glitter. Clean up with Scotch tape.


Foundation Primer is a great way to start, it smooths and hydrates the skin and preps it for foundation. Apply foundation with a foundation brush or sponge. Use a concealer under the eyes to cover up any dark spots, and use it anywhere else you need to conceal spots or redness. Set the base with Finishing Pixie Dust. Apply hot pink blush to the cheeks, blending up towards the temples.


Ah, who doesn’t love a well-groomed, perfect brow! Women use eyeshadow, pencils, stencils, and every trick in the book to achieve it. If you are not a brow pro, I recommend getting it done by a professional and then plucking the little hairs in between sessions. Aim for a higher arch and make sure your brows aren’t spaced too far apart. Fill in with an angled brow brush using eyeshadow or pencil. Right now, I absolutely love Raquel Reed‘s eyebrows.


You can use a bright pink gloss or make your own out of clear gloss with Pink Poodle or Primadonna (both are suitable for eyes as well as lips). Voila!

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