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Blue Hair: I finally did it!

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I did it! I dyed my hair blue as per my inspiration! And I love, love, LOVE IT! Going from a warm color to a cool color is such a big change; I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was afraid it would make my skin look dull and I wasn’t sure how it would look with my eyes, but it’s quite flattering with my complexion and makes my eyes look so BLUE!

My friend Michael Angelo of Wonderland Beauty Parlour helped me achieve this by first bleaching my hair to white, then applying a light blue dye over it for 45 minutes. The result is a medium to light blue that shifts from periwinkle at my roots to turquoise at the ends. It came out a bit brighter than I wanted, but I am hoping it will wash out to a paler blue I was aiming for. Either way, as someone who enjoys experimenting with my appearance and loves change, I love my new hair and have a feeling it will be a perpetual work in progress. :) Wonderland Parlour is a truly magical place and I promise to come back with better pictures — for now, check out some snapshots from my phone.

Funny story: while sitting in my chair, I spotted David Bryan Rashbaum right behind me, getting highlights. He is the keyboard player of Bon Jovi, a band I was really into in my teens and still like quite a bit. David was telling stories of his pants splitting on stage in from of 65,000 people. When I asked how he fixed it, he said “Duct tape. Not the smartest idea ever but I had to work with what I had!”. Haha. I dorked out and never did tell him I was a fan — just couldn’t really find a way to say “I was obsessed with your band and had about 5 posters above my bed when I was fifteen” without making it awkward!

Speaking of awkward… Check out my new “I can’t model” pose. Haha.

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  • Coat: BB Dakota
  • Brooch: vintage & one of my favorites
  • Boots: Nine West
  • Makeup: SirenAbracadabra (makes a warm pink!), Centrifuchsia lipstick

Coming next: Life as a bluehead. People do treat you differently, but how? Stay tuned! :)

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