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CABARET: makeup tutorial

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I have to let you in on a secret: in the past couple tutorials, I’ve been testing out my own brand of make-up. :) The truth is, that after years of searching for the perfect eyeshadow and having found none that lived up to my standards, I’ve decided to create my own line. I spent several months looking into factories that would let me create the brightest, most vivid eyeshadow possible, so the product can live up to its name: Lime Crime Makeup!

I’m still working out the kinks, but the line should be available for sale in under 2 months. Get ready for my highly-pigmented, long-lasting, exceptionally blendable eye shadows – at an affordable price!



This make-up really brings out the eyes and the mouth, which is why it’s great for stage performers! Apply eyeshadow base onto your eyelids. Draw a line over the natural crease with Prima Donna (a dark raspberry-pink). Using a medium brush, fill in the top lid with bright Circus Girl yellow eyeshadow, blending outwards and well into the red. Dab a thin brush into Fortune Teller (violet) and define the inner corners, blending into the red. Correct with q-tips. Use the highlighter eyeshadow to define inner corners, under the eye and under the brow.

Use black liquid liner to draw a line as close to the lashes as possible, extending outwards. I made my own lashes here by combining one full pair with a piece of the much longer pair. You can glue the pieces together using a regular eyelash glue or apply part by part onto the eyes. (When taking them off, they’ll probably stick together so you can easily reuse!)

I kept my eyebrows natural in color, but extended them a bit towards the temples, to match the eyes.


Using a sponge, apply foundation generously all over the face. No translucency here! Use concealer under the eyes and around the nose and mouth for a flawless complexion.

Confused about blush application? Nothing that a smile couldn’t fix! The best way to determine where the apples of your cheeks are is to smile – the part that protrudes the most is where most of your color will be. To find out where your cheekbones are, suck in your cheeks and make a fish face. Applying a darker blush or bronzer under your cheek will bring out your cheekbones.

Use a large, slanted brush to apply hot pink blush. Blend the color away from the nose and towards the temples. Remove excess blush with a large cotton ball. Set the face with translucent powder.


Once again I mixed my own color here, using my own line. For now, you can use any coral-colored lipstick and top it off with sparkly orange-tinted lip gloss. Voila!

32 Responses to
“CABARET: makeup tutorial”

  • Jacki says:

    You look gorgeous, as usual! I can’t wait to see your eyeshadows!

  • Clara says:

    1 – That look is great, I will have to have a go at it.
    2 – The fact you have your own line coming out has so been just a matter of time and COMPLETELY fantastic and I will so be in line to buy the pretties!!!

  • Annie says:

    Great tutorial! I’m so excited to hear about your makeup line, I’ll be one of your first customers!

  • Lynn says:

    That will be wonderful? Congratulations on this venture!! I know I will be in line when it comes out!

  • etherealprey says:

    oh wow! your own line?! high pigmented, blendable and affordable? ZOMG! Put me on your mailing list! I want a heads up! I know you liked the ben nye stuff and their stuff is bright! totally excited and waiting for you to hit the sale button!

  • Samara says:

    You are awesome! You look gorgeous! I too have always had problems finding really bright eyeshadow, like yourself Doe, i have red hair and have a pale complexion and those bright colors look so kool on me! I can’t wait, i’ll be a customer for sure!!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    i adore this! i absolutely cannot wait until your new line is out, i will buy ALL OF IT! i remember the last time i bought makeup from you was when you had all those bright loose glitters. i still have them. =]

  • ruby says:

    I love it! well done you :-) sorry I know you mentioned before but what’s that dye you used last again? thanks xx

  • Lara says:

    bendable eyeshadows? I’ll assume you mean blendable, but bendable would be pretty cool, too… lol. I can’t wait!

  • Kit says:

    Now thats awesome. I’m really excited about your eyeshadow.

  • Aether says:

    Nice tutorial. Awesome that you are going to be making your own makeup! I do also but not with any companies involved. I can’t wait to see your line! <3

  • Spatter says:

    I love the tutorial. I shall have to try it sometime.

    The fact that you’re coming out with your own makeup line is AWESOME.

  • Britt says:

    Like everyone else, I think coming out with your own eyeshadow line is amazing, but we already knew you were amazing!
    My main issue with eye shadow is that to make my blue eyes really POP! I am supposed to use brown shades, and thats just not all that much fun (although I will agree it looks amazing). Since you have blue eyes do you have any brown based eyeshadow looks?

  • Wilda says:

    You look really cute! :) And exciting news about you makeup brand!

    Btw, have you ever tried out Aromaleigh? I haven’t myself, but I’ve only heard great things about them. Here’s the website in case you’re interested:

  • lumivalkoinen says:

    you look beautiful!

    good luck with creating your own makeup line! sounds so daunting, yet so exciting. i can’t wait to see what comes of it :)

  • Jessi says:

    Ooo.. I love that red eyeshadow you used! Gorgeous~~
    Can’t wait to see your make-up line.
    I used to want to try making my own make-up to use but just couldn’t seem to figure it all out. ;P

  • Sheila says:

    I am so excited to try this new makeup of yours once it comes out, I have had the same problem finding a good eye shadow.
    I am so excited to try it out!!

  • Victoria says:

    wow I really loved this look!

  • tinkerbell86ca says:

    Darling, you look super!

    I WILL get the make up! My main problem is creasing eyeshadow.

  • ruth says:

    This is such exciting news, I will deffinetly buy something :)
    I heart Lime Crime and am super excited about even hearing the name again!

  • Mini says:

    I always wanted some brigth colors that are not like extremly expensive, can’t wait till yours comes out!

    And I love the red, such a nice colors.

  • BloodyCinnamon says:

    I’m so happy your make up tutorials are back… :-) Whenever I wasn’t inspired for an evening make up, I would look at your tutorials and find great ideas!
    I also think that most eyeshadows aren’t pigmented enough, except the Mac ones maybe but they are expensive. But I guess that, if they were more pigmented, we would use a smaller amount of the eyeshadow each time and make up companies would sell less porducts and have less profit. It seems logical in a way. Besides, I know many girls who make up only to cover blemishes and want a very natural looking make up, so they wouldn’t buy very bright colours I guess…
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see what your line will look like! Will you also provide some glittery make up too, like you used to?

  • Clara says:

    Oh, will there be a purple that actually shows up as purple and lasts? Because normally my purples just can’t hack it and fade really quickly.

  • krista says:

    oh woww. that looks more like art than makeup! gorgeous, i only wish i could do that but maybe i’ll give it a try.
    can’t wait for the eyeshadow!

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  • LOVE your concept.
    You look amazing, and a make-up line will be great! It’s so refreshing to see vibrancy and eccentricity in self-expression!

  • Variety says:

    Hey Doe!
    Just wanted to tell you that I was on and stumbled this! Didn’t know you were on that site!

  • Christina says:

    Where did you get your top hat!!!!??? I want one so badly!

  • Christina says:

    Wow. Your makeup is absolutely stunning. It’s inspiring.

  • Sarah says:

    what lipstick are u wearing?

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