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Tales of the Unicorn Queen


  • Candyfuture From A Hundred Years Ago

    Add “Barcelona” to my Cities To Visit list! When I first saw the image above, I thought, “Oooh, which movie set is THAT from?” Silly me, it’s not from a movie set at all and in fact is very real! So who is the man who dared build this beautiful monstrosity??? Casa Batllo was built in […]

  • We love our Futurettes!

    Last week we asked Futurettes, the members of Team Candyfuture, to share their stories how Lime Crime impacted their lives in a positive way. Erica picked her favorites featured them in Monthly Glee, our exclusive newsletter. Ariel Grimm Once upon a time, I discovered Lime Crime and fell in love. Finally, here was a brand […]

  • Halloween '09: Twonicorn & Alice Cooper

    My Halloween costume this year was an embodiment of Candyfuture: a Pearl-Horn TWOnicorn! I wore it to the Dances of Vice party; I don’t think most people got my costume and I had to keep telling them I was “a girl from the future”. :) Top: Betsey Johnson Skirt: reconstructed out of a vintage dress […]

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