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  • Doe Deere’s Guide To Easter Dress

    … Because who doesn’t want to look like a GIANT MARSHMALLOW?? Dressing for Easter is serious business. It’s the only holiday that takes all colors of the rainbow, dilutes them down to pastels and throws them all into the mix, peppered with chocolate chicks & bunnies.¬†Easter dress is about breaking the rules of fashion and […]

  • Doe Deere’s Guide To Los Angeles Vintage Shopping, Pt 1

    I’ve always been a fan of vintage.¬†What’s not to love? You get a unique piece of clothing for a fraction of the price, plus the thrill of finding a gem amongst racks of one-of-a-kind items is totally addicting! Vintage is not the same as thrift-shopping because it’s not dirt-cheap (and can be quite expensive actually […]

  • Finding An Apartment Of Your Dreams: Doe Deere’s Guide To Apartment Hunting

    Apartment-hunting can be an arduous task — scanning through the classifieds, setting up appointments with landlords, being disappointed over and over again… All this can leave you emotionally & physically drained. But that’s how ordinary people look for ordinary apartments. You are looking for an apartment of your dreams — did I get that right?! […]

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