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  • Fashion + Circus, animated

    Hey guys, I saw the most incredible animated editorial — why didn’t anyone think of this before?! — incorporating two of my favorite things, fashion & circus. More HERE! Tweet

  • Karen Elson’s New Video & Shoe Collection

    … are so inspiring! I’ve blogged about Karen before. I love her vintage-inspired style, striking looks and the fact that she is married to Jack White of The White Stripes – talk about a perfect match! Blue Orchid is one of my favorite music videos, ever. Fans of Kate Bush & The White Stripes will love Karen’s new video, The Truth […]

  • Anna Sui’s Manhattan Apartment

    Those who know me personally know that my interests lie beyond just fashion and cosmetics. I also happen to be huge interior decor buff — flea markets, antique stores and thrift shops occupy a hefty space in my mind and a large chunk of my weekends. As I’m getting ready for our Housewarming Party (finally! We’ve […]

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