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  • The Snail’s Climb.

    Img: The Telegraph Meg asked: “I know that there are probably a thousand and one influences that made you the person you are today. But who would you say has inspired you the most in the pursuit of your dreams?” I like snails. Snails are my favorite. I think they are beautiful and resilient, and […]

  • Ask Doe Deere: Do you do any charity with Lime Crime?

    Leyla asks: “Dear Doe, Do you do any charity work with your profits from Lime Crime? I know that it’s common for business owners to do this in their personal time and not talk about it. What charities or causes has Lime Crime helped? And what are some good ones that you recommend?” Dear Leyla, I […]

  • Ask Doe: “Did you ever want to give up?”

    Nesrin asked: “You are managing a successful business and have a bright future ahead of you, and I absolutely love your work, but we all start from zero to reach a certain goal with time… What was your motivation throughout this time? Did you ever feel like you wanted to give up when times got […]

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