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  • Family Matters

    It’s not often that my family gets together these days. Since I moved to LA two years ago, it’s a rare treat – my mother and sister still live on the East Coast. When we do get together, we like to make it memorable. I suggested throwing on our most extravagant outfits and taking pictures […]

  • Ultimate Fantasy: Behind The Scenes

    Behind the scenes footage from the most magical shoot I’ve ever done! Costuming by JoEllen Elam, photography by my husband Mark, and modeling by me. Special thanks to Director Raiya Corsiglia for capturing our ‘ultimate fantasy’! You can see photos from the photoshoot here.   Tweet

  • Ultimate Fantasy

    When JoEllen and I get together, magic happens. Whether we’re customizing latex mermaid tails, talking about fairy wings or simply sipping pink lemonade in her kitchen, the outcome is guaranteed to be whimsical. Last week we decided to create the ultimate fantasy photoshoot: JoEllen made the dress, I modeled, Mark took the pictures, and we […]

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