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  • Voltaire. No, the other Voltaire!

    We went to see Voltaire at Bar Sinister in LA last Saturday. It was the best show I’ve ever seen! I was smiling from ear to ear, singing along and laughing through the whole thing. I was shocked when he recognized Mark & I and called out our names from stage — the best feeling in […]

  • Lady Gaga spotted wearing blue-green lipstick

    Still confirming, but it looks like Lady Gaga maybe have worn Lime Crime while out and about in NYC. The color looks like No She Didn’t applied on top of Mint To Be. If it checks out, my dreams have finally come true!!! #dorkyfangirl Tweet

  • Sasha Grey

    Here’s the thing: I don’t care much for porn, but I’m a fan of Sasha Grey. Ever since I saw her on the Tyra Banks show, I knew that girl was different and was going to go far. Not only is she extremely driven, she is eloquent as hell, head-strong, and of course absolutely stunning. […]

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