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  • Snowflake

    Every time I look at this beautiful weather and realize we’re in the middle of winter, a fit of inward maniacal laughter comes over me. My first L.A. Christmas was glorious — 70 degrees/sunshine, bright blue skies, sandals and, finally, NO SNOW!!! (I often joke that if I liked the snow I’d still be living in Russia. Seriously, […]

  • The Snuff Bottle Dress

    I was about to exit the thrift shop when I saw a black dress hanging on a rail. It had the most peculiar pattern; at first I mistook it for vases. Upon closer examination it turned out to be snuff bottles: glass jars painted from the inside, an artform originating from Asia. Being Eurasian myself, […]

  • Lunch with Audrey Kitching

    Audrey was in town and we got together for lunch at — where else? — Swingers! Swingers is a cool diner with a silly-sounding name and the best food in the world!!! Audrey gave me this wonderful rose crown and a few other pieces from her line. But it wouldn’t be fair if I kept it all […]

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