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Tales of the Unicorn Queen

Unicorn Queen

  • Girl With A Flamingo Balloon

      Corset & skirt: Glimmerwood Shoes: Buffalo Exchange Lips: Suedeberry Velvetine Tweet

  • Flamingos!

    Confession time: I am totally obsessed with flamingos right now. Flamingo-pink is my new favorite color, I’m frantically buying everything flamingo-related — in fact, I’ve decided that I am a flamingo! Yes, a purple-tinted flamingo. I like the birds for what they represent: exotic luxury, care-free living and retro-kitch. I also think it’s fascinating how […]

  • Watermelon Outfit & Makeup!

    What came first, the watermelon outfit or watermelon makeup? In my case, the socks! I saw a pair of watermelon knee-highs at Fred Flare and fell in love. Soon after I found myself obsessed with watermelons! I decided to build an entire outfit, complete with makeup, inspired by watermelons — which I wore it to […]

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