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  • The ___________est Girl In the World

    Aurora Lady just released a zine called The ________est Girl in the World, and it’s so cute! She painted portraits of her favorite lady entrepreneurs and asked for their mottos. I was flattered to be one of the ladies featured. Can you guess what my quote is? ;) Each copy comes with a goody pouch […]

  • Shell-Painting With Ana Bagayan

    Before I go into our adventure, let me brief you quickly on Ana Bagayan. Above is one of her works — she is an intensely talented artist from Los Angeles who likes to paint mermaids, aliens and pretty girls in all kinds of peculiar settings. Ana stopped by our office for a cup of tea […]

  • Happy Carnaval!

    Pictured: No She Didn’t, New Yolk City, Mint To Be. Brazil is getting ready for the biggest holiday of the year: the Carnival! It begins today and will go on until Wednesday. People wear costumes, go to parties, dance the samba, watch parades and wear lots of colors during the holiday. Especially popular are the […]

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