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Tales of the Unicorn Queen

I saw these marvelous Sonia Rykiel pearl sunglasses and fell in love! Time for another DIY project!

What you need: round sunglasses, flat-back pearls, glue gun.

I picked up a pair of plain black ‘bug-eye’ shades on St. Marks Place in NYC (Top Shop has them too) and some cabochon pearls on Etsy (mine are 8mm). Sonia’s version has plain white pearls but I went for an assortment of pastels just to make them a little more ‘me’. It was very easy – glue the pearls around the edge & the handles and voila, you have an updated version of trendy shades this season!

The lipstick is Cosmopop, by the way.

Deerlings: will you try this? What sunglasses are you sporting this spring?

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