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Girls do not dress for boys.

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“Girls do not dress for boys.”

  • Ana says:

    So true! :]

  • True!! I love that first dress, so cute! I’m so happy that I’m finally finding my own style, which happens to include dresses – I can be a girl and like it :)

  • true… we dress for ourselves and for other girls!!!

    but SOMETIMES we dress in order to get their compliments (PAY ATTENTION BOYS!!!) lol

  • Bee says:

    I want those polka dot tights SO BADLY–
    nice post:)

  • paperstars says:

    Doe Deere, you are amazing and such an inspiration!
    I’m so happy to have a positive female role-model to look up to!!

  • kaiya says:

    too true! i love that first dress!! and the polka dot tights!! (and the other one too!)

    but i really do love fashion and would never dress just for a boy :o)

  • Emma Hawes says:

    Haha I love this!!

  • Francine says:

    Sooo true!
    Betsey = love

  • Amy CT says:

    Here here :) xxx

  • Jaco says:

    I love it! That is amazingly true. Either way, it’s always good to dress for yourself, because then you won’t care what other people think. :] Great post, Doe.

    Love and Turtledoves,

  • Yulia says:

    I love this! Betsey speaks the truth. I love your Inspiration posts, Doe <3

  • meri says:

    I agree! Every now and then my boyfriend winces at the things I wear (remember that crazy colorful rainbow shirt with Felix the Cat, Doe?) and I make it a point to tell him I’m not dressing to please him, I’m doing it for myself!

  • Flip says:

    Darling Doe, may I say, I utterly adore you <3 Now and always~

  • Vikki says:

    Love this quote what a different perspective!!! ^_^

  • Zane says:

    so true! :D I couldn’t have said it better myself! lol

  • Anaïs says:

    That’s what I kept telling my mother when she commented on my using make up at 14 – not all the way, just a bit of concealer, and mascara to make my eyes be seen from under my glasses – but she wouldn’t understand … Or when I wore a skirt a tad too short for her taste, I kept shouting “I like it and that’s why I’m wearing it!!” she was like yeah right :’)

    I’ve stopped caring about her opinion (fashion wise, that is) way too late :)

  • Deirdre says:

    so true :) I dress for myself and my confidence :)

  • Shinobu says:

    So true!
    This makes me think about what my mom always tells me: “if you wear this or that, men are gonna look at you” or you, when people say “that’s normal people aren’t interesting in what’s in her mind, look at the way she’s dressed”. I find those says so stupid. I mean, that’s not our fault if some people only look at our clothes, that’s not a reason for stopping dressing like we want to.
    Most of mentalies still need to be changed =/

  • Maggie says:

    I constantly have to tell my male friends this but they don’t get it.

  • Lexi G says:

    Hmmm, some part of me thinks that’s not true for ALL girls. In college, I saw a lot of girls walking about in next to nothing, so perhaps they were dressing for the men’s sake, which of course I do not endorse by any means. But the girls who have their own style and know who they are without exploiting themselves or their bodies… I think it is safe to say that they dress for themselves and no one else.

    I want to add that I have nothing against revealing clothing on a woman. My major concern is that she do it for herself, and not for men to salivate over her flaunted body…

  • Kat V says:

    I think boys do look at clothes, but only in respect of what it would be like to take them off! Nothing more sexy for them than imagining what’s underneath….

  • S says:

    So true, I love that quote.

  • beth says:

    sooo true. I love Betsey Johnson!

    Where are those pictures from, by the way? You usually don’t put credits at the bottom of the photos and I’m left wondering who took them and where I can get more!

    xo beth

  • H-SAMA says:

    could you post some pics or tips of how can i use yellow lipstick?
    i loved your last post about D’lilac one!

    I’m dark skinned as Kim Kadarshian, and i find it hard to match my stile to my skin tone.
    how would you do?

  • Izzy says:

    So true! Thank you for this post, I was having a discussion about this very thing with a friend today.

  • StephDoll says:

    I love Betsey, her style is to die for! My style of dressing goes back to the 50′s, i absolutely love how in those days the girls wouldn’t show so much skin, and yet they looked gorgeous. Now in days, everything revolves around sex. I want more designers like Betsey!

  • Isabella says:

    awwww i completely adore that quote!!!

  • Kellee says:

    LOVE that quote! It’s so true! I keep telling people that I don’t dress to impress guys. If people think more like this, they’ll understand. I like to dress awesome and wear great bright makeup. And you know, all the best compliments come from girls!

  • Leigh says:

    I agree, it sounds like something Coco Chanel said.

  • anni says:

    So true ! Pretty photos :)

  • Midori says:

    I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!

  • John says:

    You are thinking too primitively, girls do dress for boys not the way you think but ultimately they do. It’s social convention to wear cloth and the better your clothe the more socially attractive you are (this and other factors like physical appearance ect), even if you were extremely beautiful going around naked would make it very hard for anyone to marry you without being labelled as having married a slut (or similar terms).

    Basically you dress because society wants you to, and if you do your chances of landing a boy will be increased.

  • Stacy says:

    Ha…too true!

  • Flora says:

    I have to agree with John.

    As sad as it is, and as much as people think it doesn’t effect them, society does and is very sneaky about it.

    You may dress a certain way thinking that you are in complete control of what you are wearing, but underpinning everything we do is a desire for acceptance. This may not be with the people immediately around you, it could lie in a subculture or an alternative lifestyle far away from where you are.

    Desire for acceptance often comes with the desire to have acceptance of those we are attracted to. Heterosexual girls subconciously dress to impress boys because of this. Wearing girly clothes (as beautiful as they are) gives the impression that you are weak. You may not want to portray this image and the majority of girls are definately not weak. However, ‘girliness’ appeals to patriarchy as it makes us appear submissive and easy to dominate.

    I’d just like to say that I’m not trying to undermine feminitity at all. I absolutely love florals and dresses and perfume! However, it comes with it’s baggage and I think people, especially women, need to be aware of this.

    Phew, sorry about the essay!

  • Kari says:

    So True! While I consider my guy’s opinion in what I wear- if i ever ask it, I certainly go my own route anyways, proving that I really dress for myself!

  • Misa says:

    I don’t completely agree…my boyfriend likes to see me get dressed up in cute clothes. When I go shopping I take him with me! He isn’t afraid to be seen shopping with me. =) (Plus he carries the bags.)

  • Sanna says:

    Hah, the first girl is my childhood friend Isa! She’s getting way more successful than I realized… How cool!

  • Matjaž says:

    Sadly enough thinking this way will just perpetuate the image of men as design and style oafs that are sadly unable to grasp any concept of haute couture.

    This is simply not true!

    As being a guy that is regularly asked to help with picking out dresses and other apparel by my female friends I can safely say that my opinion counts and is appreciated. This of course is at this time strange and ab-normal but I do hope it might change.

    And give us color please! It’s so unfair that you keep it to yourselves. Of course I can wear it, but I will automatically be suspicious (as in: that guy might be….). It’s so unfair.

    Also the outfit is quite cool. Like it. A lot.

  • This is true indeed and the funny thing about it is if you have ever let a guy pick out an outfit for you, it is always the direct opposite of what you would had picked.

  • Mary says:

    No, we dress for boys, clothing is an equalizer. If we walked around naked, only about 10% of us would ever get laid…

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