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My Halloween costume this year was an embodiment of Candyfuture: a Pearl-Horn TWOnicorn! I wore it to the Dances of Vice party; I don’t think most people got my costume and I had to keep telling them I was “a girl from the future”. :)

We managed to squeeze in a photoshoot right before the party, so more photos + makeup/hair tutorial coming soon!

Mark was Alice Cooper. He was even more convincing in real life, it was kind of freaky actually. Every time I’d see him out of the corner of my eye, I’d think, Alice?? I’m a huge fan – but then again with my penchant for all things over-the-top and theatrical it’s no surprise. :)

My pink coat ruined what could’ve been a perfect shot

Sarah made her own wig & her friend made the dress!!!

The bad news is that our camera’s battery died before the party even began (how lame!). The good news is that we weren’t the only ones with cameras! In typical DOV fashion, the costumes were truly out of this world – I’ll link to more pics one they become available. If you were there and would like to share some pictures, feel free to post a link to your album!

Deerlings: what did you do for Halloween?

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“Halloween '09: Twonicorn & Alice Cooper”

  • Merie says:

    i love it! how did you make your hair like that?

    Doe Deere Reply:

    I’ll post a tutorial soon! :)

  • Delma says:

    what shades from your limecrime did you use?!

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Duchess magic dust + Retrofuturist lippy.

  • pointykittyorg says:

    TWOnicorn! That’s the best!
    Halloween is my favorite day of the year :)
    You can see my Halloween “story” here

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Very cool photography!

  • Ally says:

    I *love* the blue stockings!

  • Shayne says:

    Love your costume! You look adorable!

    I went to Boston to see a couple of my friends bands play. Every year on Halloween a club in Boston has local bands perform as another band for Halloween. The bands are mostly in the 80s genre. Their main night was Friday but this year since Halloween fell on a Saturday night they did another night of it. I saw Lake Champagne performing as Prince & the Revolution , my friend’s band Provocateur and another friend’s band Lifestyle performing as Depeche Mode. Lifestyle (my friend Sean is in this band and he is also in Freezepop) was AMAZING!. I was very impressed and it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to Depeche Mode since they have been my #1 favorite band since I was 12 and I have seen them live every tour since Music for Masses in 87.

    And don’t worry Doe, a bunch of people didn’t get my costume either. This shocked me because I thought a lot more people would get it. My costume was inspired from artist Tara McPherson’s ( paintings and comic “Dream a Little Dream”. If you knew her art you would have gotten it right away. But even those that didn’t “get it” people still told me they loved my costume and make up. I think it came out quite well considering it was a last minute type of costume. But of course I came up with better ideas for the costume and hair so if I do it again, it will look even more awesome. Maybe next year. And I have to say the eye shadow I used for my face had staying power. I used Loreal Hip cream shadow in teal for eyes, blue eye liner for outline of shapes and eye brows and Milani grean eye shadow (applied wet) so the color would me more intense. Lips were lined in red liner and then a Sephora lip gloss in red was added over it.

    Here are a few pics.

  • Shannon says:

    The most recent post and the next one are about Halloween and the prep for it. You can click on the picture to make it bigger. I’m kind of upset I didn’t take my jacket off all night because I worked hard on the costume. I might do a photo shoot later with the costume and light saber. :)

    Shannon Reply:

    oh yea, and I used Empress magic dust on my lips and some Medusa with another black eyeshadow on my eyes.

    Suzanne C. Reply:

    You and Aiden look really cute! I wish I had alittle cousin i could take out. This year (i’m 19 almost 20) was the 1st time since 7th grade i didn’t go Trick-or-treating I miss it already!

    Shannon Reply:

    Hehe thanks! Having a kid is great, you can really enjoy holidays again in a different way.

  • Lola says:

    Well don’t you look adorable :D

    just have to tell you that my limecrime package arrived today! :D bad thing though: costs me like $20 extra :/ stupid customs :(

    Lola Reply:

    yeah it sucks :/
    Do you have any idea why that could happen? It didn’t happen last time you see.

    Sarah Reply:

    Customs fees are based on the value of the contents, the actual cost of shipping, and sometimes the type of goods. There can also be brokerage fees if a shipment is big enough or if it’s sent through a private courier like UPS or DHL.

    Luck is also a factor — customs offices can’t actually check every small package that comes through, so sometimes things get by without fees when they technically should have been charged.

    Chylde Reply:

    when i sell things to other countries i put on the package that it is a gift rather then goods. i have been told by doing that the customer doesn’t get charged an extra fee for whatever reason.

  • Kristi says:

    Funny I was a “girl from the future”/galatic being for halloween too. i just did my face up in makeup and wore all black and a silvery cape. Obviously not as elaborate as yours. I didn’t have time to do my hair..

  • Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusia*Glow says:

    I went as a Geisha Witch, and parts of the coszume were red LEDs. It was an extremely quick but effective costume ! But my camera also died, so I have to wait till someone sends me some pics.

  • Priscillia says:

    Halloween for me was a bit lame… Normally, my family makes a huge deal out of it, and we prepare 250+ bags of treats for the kids, decorate my uncles yawn and housefront, as well as the entrance, and we dress up and give the treats.

    But this year, I’m living in Sweden as an AuPair, so it was a bit different… We had a total of 8 trick or treaters, over 2 different nights… :S

    And now people tell me that at Easter, kids will dress up as witches and trick or treat… I dunno what to make of this LOL!

  • Hilde says:

    That outfit is incredibly cute!!

    I didn’t do anything for Halloween, as it’s not a tradition here in Norway and nothing seemed to happen. I wanted to do something dramatic make-up-esque like the character Blind Mag (Portrayed by Sarah Brightman) from Repo! The Genetic Opera, though. (

    Suzanne C. Reply:

    Aww you should have done it it would have been awesome even if everyone thought you were crazy!

  • Cait says:

    Yippi!! i was waiting all weekend to see what yu would do. Your costume is super cute, reminds me of the Queen of Hearts costume from the new Alice in Wonderland movie <3

    Suzanne C. Reply:

    Oh wow it totally does remind me of that!

  • Katarina (bjooti, splodgy...crazy bloglady) says:

    Gorgeous! Simply stunning. Both of you.

  • Sinead says:


    And my friend was a Silvia Ji painting.

    Kelly Reply:

    Damn, you guys looked surreal, excellent job with your make-up. The show looked fantastic as well, if you don’t mind telling me, where were you guys?

  • Melinda says:

    I was Lady Kruger, but alas, due to my misfortune at HobbyLobby and a 100lb frame falling on my leg, I was unable to wear my refinished khaki skirt due to a hideous bruise on my leg and my leg brace! So I improvised and borrowed my boyfriends large Renn Fest boots put them on over my brace, and bought cute khaki pants! I wore Siren, Cleopatra and Circus girl, with highlights of Nymph and Fairy Wings, and my friend’s Styletto, I’m leaving in a bit to pick up my box since the post office thought it’d be fun to hide it from me. Other than that, have you see a Freddy Kruger dressed in Pink and Black? ;)

  • Rebecca says:

    I decided to head the Zombieocalypse at my college.
    Except my college FAILS at Halloween, so I only had an army of three other zombies. :P
    However, we had a lot of fun! We all did our make-up together and looked terrifying – although my friend pointed out I just looked paler than usual… and, oh, had some blood on my face, neck, and chest. HAHA.
    I think my outfit might have been too fashionable, but they were clothes I normally wear, so I couldn’t help that. XD
    But, yeah, we lumbered around the two libraries and the student center, approaching random students, often peering at their textbooks and laptop screens. If we knew them, we would attack them. :D

    Goodness, it was a relief to wash off all that blood afterward, though!

  • Glendy says:

    OMG I love your make-up and Mark looks off-the-hook! I went to the Village parade but bailed after 15 mins since it was madness and headed to St. Marks for some grub, check out my costume with my finacee :)

  • Melody says:

    I went as a ice princess type person on halloween, seriously wish I had some limecrime lipstick though, my lips would have been so much easier to do! I had to use facepaint.
    In the photo you can see me in my outfit, and my friend in her cat outfit.
    Also the dog kind of got in the way of the shot. :C

  • GothBarbie says:

    How absolutely flattering that you wore the neckwarmer i sent you with your adorable Twonicorn outfit for Halloween!

    I knew it would suit you!

    You are gorgeous as always!

    p.s. you linked to my artist friend Kimberlys Etsy shop my crochet goodies are at
    in case anyone was wondering…

    Thanks again!

    Sara GothBarbie

  • Remi says:

    You guys look amazing! I actually did a pretty Candyfuture costume myself.. I went as “from the future” ^_^ check it out here in my blog:

  • Heathre says:

    Wicked cool!

    I went to an Atheist Halloween Party dressed in black clothes and wearing a Rainbow Brite toga. The costumes at the party and the party itself was great!

  • maricela says:

    I didn’t dress up, very disappointing. Since I had to work at 4 am the next morning, I didn’t get to go to the party we usually go to. I did take my kids trick-or-treating though. They had a blast. To be kind of halloweeny I wore some orange lipstick (morange by MAC) and a Slipknot t-shirt. I’m going all out next year to compensate!

  • Lucy Twiss says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say I agree that is a GREAT photo of the two of you in your costumes, and thought it was a shame about the coat! So I hope you don’t mind but I had a go at removing it for you (I am teaching myself how to use photoshop!) :)

    I am moving to the US at the end of this month to live with my american fiancĂ©, and he is buying me some of your lipsticks as a ‘welcome to america’ present – I can’t wait! I have decided that american me is going to be more adventurous with colours than english me :)

  • Mary says:

    Thats awsome, you two look so good. The hair is way cool!

  • Lena says:

    I didn’t do anything for Halloween; all I did was stay home and hand out candy to the three people that came.

    I was a doll. I wore an Ann Taylor black dress with amazing sleeves, black heels, my hair in pigtails, although I wanted to have beautiful curly hair. For makeup, I paled myself out with a MAC paintpot, put on mascara, and used a HIP lipgloss in a bright pink to make a heart-shape on my lips.

  • Miss Alphabet says:

    Hiya! Your costume is absolutely adorable!

    I don’t know if you remember me, but you bought a red gingham dress from me waaaay back in the LBG days! Anyway, I received my Coutnessa Fluorescent lipstick on the 30th and I absolutely love it! Here’s a pic of me modeling it (with some MAC fuchsia lipliner)…

    And if you care to see Halloween pictures (I’m wearing the lipstick here as well), here they are!

    I got sooo many compliments on the lipstick!

  • yellowpythonsub says:

    You guys both look amazing! I’m so glad you got some pictures before the camera troubles.

    I dressed as a Sexy Undertaker! Costumes for girls always seem to be “Sexy *insert occupation or character here*” so as a joke my boyfriend and I tried to come up with ones they would never sell in stores. That’s where the costume came from and I think it turned out pretty well. I am wearing my new Styletto lipstick!!!

    Suzanne C. Reply:

    That is so incredibly badass! You Rock!

  • Rosie says:

    Wow, mega awesome costumes!

    I, sadly, was sick. So I spent the night in me head, day dreaming about fabulous parties!

  • Leslie says:

    i went to an amazing rave in Los Angeles called Monster Massive. my boyfriend dressed up as a doctor and i was his naughty nurse! best halloween yet! your outfit was so cute and not to mention original!

  • Catherine says:

    Love your costume! The hair is quite amazing.

    My Halloween was kind of interesting – I decided to go to a party with my SO last minute and had barely an hour to throw something together (and I’d washed all my makeup brushes in the morning so I had practically nothing to work with haha). I actually ended up using your “Becoming Fafi” tutorial as inspiration to become a fafinette. I got lots of compliments – so thank you! You can see my post here: Halloween FOTD Transformation.

  • Tanya says:

    Vampire. I know it was popular this year but, I made my own twist.

    I’ll get better photos eventually.

  • Jennifer says:

    Xenia, can I ask you to please refrain from using the word ‘lame’? It might not bother most people, but it’s horribly offensive to most disabled people.

    Kelly Reply:

    To be fair most people do not associate this word with disabled people, words change a lot over time, some even evolve to mean the opposite of their original definition.

    Jennifer Reply:

    This is not being ‘fair’. Just because you are not offended by it does not mean that it is okay; by justifying its use, you are saying that what a significant amount of a minority group feel is not worth anything because ‘most people’ (i.e. the dominant, able-bodied of western society) are not bothered by it. Is it really worth causing hurt to those people, and invalidating their experiences just so you can have a few words in your vocabulary?

    Suzanne C. Reply:

    I second Kelly and I should point out that though not actually physically disabled I do have serious and sometimes debilitating nerve damage as well as some mental health issues. If we took out every word that in some point in history offended people we’d all have to adopt a second language or speak only in ways that wouldn’t express ourselves.

    As kelly said nobody associates it with disability. It no longer means that in everyday languge. In fact I’m sure plenty of physically disabled people, who haven’t been told they can’t, use it all the time without a second thought.

    Kristi Reply:

    I have never heard of that word being used in such a way…

    Jennifer Reply:

    Suzanne, I really resent you telling me that what I feel (and a lot of other people_) isn’t okay. As I said, a SIGNIFICANT amount of differently-abled people are hurt by it; nowhere did I say ‘all’. In addition, maybe no one around you uses it in that way, but a lot of people I know do; just because you and Kristi have never heard it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold true. Don’t make such extreme generalizations – you come off as foolish.

    If you want another example, just because some gay people think it’s fine to say ‘fag’ doesn’t make it okay; ditto with African-American people saying ‘nigger’. I’ve never heard anyone personally say the latter, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, and it doesn’t make it okay. Don’t be so willfully ignorant. If you really prize your use of the word ‘lame’ over people’s emotions, that says a lot about you, I think.

    If anyone wants to know why I asked Xenia to refrain from using the word, this link should explain it:

    PS. Suzanne, you aren’t lame. It doesn’t affect you personally, by your own admission. Don’t pretend like you have a stake in it when you don’t.

    Seth Reply:

    I completely agree with you. It’s amazing what words worm their way into the vernacular.

    Suzanne C. Reply:

    I never claimed to be lame but rather pointed out that i too suffer from illness that is steryotyped as well as caused people who suffer from it to be mistreated and called names. I didn’t think I had to spell that out.

    Unlike “fag” or “nigger” it hasn’t been used as an insult in a very very long time. Those wounds are still raw while you are just picking at faint scars. Don’t use it you can feel what you like. You may dislike those who do but when you told Doe not to use the word i felt like you were telling all of us not to use it when commenting Doe. It felt like Doe was expected to make an example by refraining. It offends me when people want to make everything i do and say politically incorrect when its not. It seems like a ploy for attention. Should I say “crazy” is no longer allowed? Claim “psycho” is an offensive term to people who suffer psychotic episodes. That the word “white” is racist? No! I Don’t play that game!

    Katie Reply:

    The word ‘poodle’ offends me. Please everyone, never use the word poodle again.

    Sara Reply:

    Nor have I.

    I also think that people (myself included) focus too much on words being ‘bad’. If you tell people they can’t say something, they’ll say it. Tell them it offends you? They’re going to say it, because that’s how some people are.

    The fact is, words – in and of themselves – are just words. It’s how they’re being used that matters.

    Jennifer Reply:

    Evidently you guys (with exception to Seth, ty) will use any justification for your convenience (i.e. your ‘right’ to use the words overrides the very real hurt you cause by doing so). Just as using the term ‘rape’ flippantly contributes to rape culture wherein females are blamed for being raped, your use of ableist terms contributes to a culture wherein differently-abled people are devalued. You know what? Go for it. It says a lot about you.

    Words are not just words, Sara; we do not exist in a vacuum, and you cannot divorce them from their context at will.

    Suzanne, it has, and still is being used as an insult. I don’t know why you keep insisting that just because YOU are not offended or have not heard it, that it does not exist. It’s pretty pathetic. In addition, you clearly discuss your own issues – I was never talking to you in the first place. I wouldn’t interact with someone like you willingly. I was addressing Xenia; nowhere did I ask for you to stop using it.

    ‘Politically correct’ is just another way for privileged people to invalidate the arguments of the minorities that are oppressed. A ploy for attention? Dream on. I’ll say if something offends me if I have good reason to, and you attempts to silence me won’t work.

    PS. Some people DO being ‘crazy’ is ableist, and that classifying people as ‘white’ and ‘black’ (e.g. not the colours, but PEOPLE) is racist. I am sympathetic to them.

    Have fun justifying your wilful ignorance; I’m done with your stupidity.

    Sara Reply:


    Does it do any good to insult? If you cannot express your opinion without calling excusing others of stupidity and ignorance, well that just speaks volumes of you. I take no offense, I just didn’t think it was a great way of going about expressing your opinion.

    Sara Reply:

    er.. accusing.*

    I’ve the flu and have been unable to keep my mind straight for the past few days — excuse the typo.

    Satsuma Reply:

    A main difference with “lame” is that it has multiple alternative meanings that are just as or more commonly-used than as a derogatory term (unlike other racially or sexually charged terms). And because it’s an adjective, actually– everything’s more offensive if you reduce the person to being only that.

  • Abbey says:

    I was the king from The KIng and I =D It was so much fun.

  • Chris Abercrombie says:

    Man I kinda wish I American just for that holiday :)

  • Mary says:

    Wow, his outfit is definitely impressive. You looked adorable.

  • Steff Metal says:

    Hi Doe – you look amazing and Alice looks very realistic – I went as Alice the year before last (last year I was too busy getting married to make a decent Halloween costume :)). He’s wicked!

    For Halloween this year we went to a heavy metal bbq, followed by a Halloween gig at the local bar. It was wicked – espeically when a group of kids unexpectedly turned up and walked into this backyard full of laughing metalheads dressed as zombies. They looked seriously uncomfortable, especially when the hostess, dressed in a full PVC black dress, with full sleeve tattoos and blood dripping from her slit throat handed them a platter of blood-red homemade cupcakes. Adorable :)

    photos soon on

  • PaintHead (jessie) says:

    I was a DARK ROCK ANGEL, i know weird especially since i am a color whore..BUT i had on some leggings…really tight from Miley Cyrus and had a tee with some rock graphic on it and some Black wings…my nails black..some black eye liner, spray glitter on my hair and glitter on my eye lids. Black hot heels..and some funky necklace, i don’t have pictures because i did not take my camera to the parties, my brother did so when ever he emails me them i will share, also I LOVE WE LOVE COLORS..oxoxooxoxox

    I often recieve tights from them and write tiny reviews, they are the best. Very comfortable and oh all the colors they have. LEG CANDY! yummy! oxoxoxoxo

    But love ur costume so cute and HELLO!! oxox Hope you have been fine and doing well! Big Cupcake hugs! oxoxoxo

  • RayeBlonde says:

    I used your Miss Cupcake tutorial. I was quite proud of myself eventhough it came out looking nothing like the picture.

  • Suzanne C. says:

    OMG you just had to make sure that you were the only one wearing your costume didn’t you!? It’s bizarre but somehow very charming. Actually I didn’t like it at first but the more I stare and the more I zoom in and out it not only grows on me it fascinates me. I love the make-up.

    WOW! Mark looks amazing as Alice I never would have guessed he would have pulled it off so well. REALLY BADASS!

    Sucks about you camera I didn’t get many pics out either. I took some at home though. All my friends bailed on mye but my mom and I went to a double feature of Repo The genetic Opera and Rocky Horror picture show. Amazing! they acted Rocky out and I’d never seen it in theatres anyway. They also had contests and things during intermission. I was part of a “virgin sacrifice” I was one of many virgins and “virgins” there were too many of us so it actually turned out pretty lame but at least I didn’t have to lick whip cream out of another “virgins” mouth like some people. I would have totally backed out of that. eyww!
    Oh I put together a calico cat costume BTW. I even added a collar with a bell and cat paws (black gloves and pink felt) =)

    Miss Kitty Reply:

    OMG, such jealousy at the repo!/rocky double feature. sounds crazyy, haha!

  • TyphoidMary says:

    I used my candy beard (see: Boyfriend’s four-year-old sister) to score some trick or treat candy, no one was a match for out matching Batgirl costumes!
    Then went on a lame ghost tour in Phoenix, returned home, and watched Evil Dead and Army of Darkness with someone named (No joke) Ash Williams, my boyfriend, and my sister.
    It was a good night.
    “This. Is. My. BOOMSTICK!”

  • TyphoidMary says:

    Also, are there any musicians Mark can’t pull off? Seriously, Manson and Alice…
    You both look amazing in the costumes!

  • Miss Kitty says:

    aww, your costume is so cute! love the hair, but personally i think the makeup is a little more clown than twonicorn. D:

    i was a circus girl! here, have a bad picture i took in a full length mirror, haha
    and my makeup, a kryolan heart and lc on my lids

  • Jenn says:

    I think not getting costumes was the highlight this year. Hardly anyone got mine.

    ~ It was a pun off misanthrope ~
    Miss Anthrope – your friendly hateful pageant queen.

    I did use my Lime Crime Circus girl in my make up! Along with some urban decay.

  • divalou says:

    Doe!! This comment has nothing to do with halloween, well maybe a little because it was pretty freaky! Anyway, I had a dream about you last night!! For some reason it started off where me and you met in a fitness pole dancing class (!) and then later we were in some bit field near a road and your husband had put videos of him on your blog driving a big hurst and it crashes and does a big roll. Then everything seemed pretty normal except you had a CUTE black lamb as a pet and there seemed to be lots of bloody murders happening all around us. Random! :)

  • Steffie says:

    I was a Pumpkin Princess.

    The pictures and description are on my blog:

  • Simone says:

    I don’t think I could ever do that with my hair, but I’m excited to see how you did it, anyway. I do love your living room, too.

    Sadly I was working on Halloween (I’m a bargirl) but I donned a lace and satin skirt and a lace blouse with a corset over the top :)


  • kimberly says:

    fabulous costume!
    have to set the record straight on the collar – as much as i might want the credit,i did not crochet it. my friend sara did (princess sara for short) here’s her etsy site
    hope that’s not too much of a plug.


  • Seth says:

    My boyfriend and I went as Alice and the Mad Hatter. <3

  • Jenn says:

    Doe! I think my friend bought those Jeffrey Campbell unicorn shoes ! She painted them blue though.

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Lovely! I wonder what paint she used?

    Jenn Reply:

    I’m not sure. I asked her, but she’s pretty busy. She’s on tour with the Cats revival show.

    Jenn Reply:

    She bought them blue! From Akira in Chicago. They had a bright purple color too. It’s amazing.

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