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Halloween throughout the years

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Halloween had been my favorite holiday for ever. Every year I look forward to planning out my costume, researching the parties, getting dressed up, meeting up with my friends and having a good ole’ time! This post depicts the evolution of my costumes – starting when I was just 6 years old (and a real ham)! :)

1987: Witch

Friend Ella (left) and me (right).

Technically, this isn’t Halloween but an equivalent: in Russia, we didn’t have Christmas nor Halloween, so all the dressing up happened on New Year’s Eve. Why witch? Because I had this dyed gauze dress I couldn’t wait to wear, and it was black, and I was already thinking like a little goth! That’s why!!! :)

  • Award: cutest costume.

2003: Harry Potter



This is the year when I went fully digital – everything prior to this was printed on paper and is not easily accessible. Mark and I became obsessed with the books and threw a Harry Potter-themed bash in our old apartment. Kat was Cho Chang, I’m Ginny Weasley, Mike is Harry and Mark is, of course, the very sexy Professor Snape!

Awards: none, but kudos for being able to pull off a party in that TINY 1-bedroom apartment!

2004: Marilyn Manson & mansonite

I’m really starting to get into extreme makeup here. Mark was Marilyn, I was a Mansonite – my dress had “Rock is Dead – Marilyn Manson” stitched on the front. We went out to a party in the West Village and people kept yelling “Sweet Dreams, Marilyn!” at Mark all night. :)

  • Award: best makeup.

2005: Pinup girl


This is definitely the skimpiest outfit I’ve ever worn – on Halloween and out in public, anyway. This is my interpretation of pinup.

  • Award: best undressed.

2006: Lascivious Captain


I really wanted to dress up as a man. Problem: features too feminine to pull it off! I had to employ a few makeup tricks such as aging my skin/making it look rough, and giving myself a 5 o’clock shadow. I also drew those super-bushy eyebrows, mustache and a ‘soul patch’! “You are the most disgusting man I’ve ever seen!!” was my sister’s reaction. SUCCESS! :D

  • Award: The grosses costume, ever! Hahaha.

Deerlings: Share 5 of your past costumes and why you wore them!

doe deere dressed as hitler

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