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Halloween had been my favorite holiday for ever. Every year I look forward to planning out my costume, researching the parties, getting dressed up, meeting up with my friends and having a good ole’ time! This post depicts the evolution of my costumes – starting when I was just 6 years old (and a real ham)! :)

1987: Witch

Friend Ella (left) and me (right).

Technically, this isn’t Halloween but an equivalent: in Russia, we didn’t have Christmas nor Halloween, so all the dressing up happened on New Year’s Eve. Why witch? Because I had this dyed gauze dress I couldn’t wait to wear, and it was black, and I was already thinking like a little goth! That’s why!!! :)

  • Award: cutest costume.

2003: Harry Potter

This is the year when I went fully digital – everything prior to this was printed on paper and is not easily accessible. Mark and I became obsessed with the books and threw a Harry Potter-themed bash in our old apartment. Kat was Cho Chang, I’m Ginny Weasley, Mike is Harry and Mark is, of course, the very sexy Professor Snape!

Awards: none, but kudos for being able to pull off a party in that TINY 1-bedroom apartment!

2004: Marilyn Manson & mansonite

I’m really starting to get into extreme makeup here. Mark was Marilyn, I was a Mansonite – my dress had “Rock is Dead – Marilyn Manson” stitched on the front. We went out to a party in the West Village and people kept yelling “Sweet Dreams, Marilyn!” at Mark all night. :)

  • Award: best makeup.

2005: Pinup girl

This is officially the skimpiest outfit I’ve ever worn – on Halloween and out in public, anyway. I had that bright blue streak in my hair too, which matched the outfit. I kinda miss it sometimes. It’s hard to say why I wore this particular outfit on that particular Halloween – perhaps I was trying to see how much nakedness one can get away with on Halloween in New York. Answer: A LOT.

  • Award: best undressed.

2006: Lascivious Captain

I really wanted to dress up as a man. Problem: features too feminine to pull it off! I had to employ a few makeup tricks such as aging my skin and making it look all rough, and giving myself a 5 o’clock shadow. I also drew those super-bushy eyebrows, mustache and a ‘soul patch’! “You are the most disgusting man I’ve ever seen!!” was my sister’s reaction. SUCCESS! :D

  • Award: most disgusting costume, ever.

Deerlings: can you name at least 5 costumes – and why you wore them? ;)

Tomorrow: NYC Halloween parade, costumes, stories, and more!

25 Responses to
“Halloween throughout the years”

  • jessica says:

    love these, especially adolf! halloween is my favorite holiday, definitely.
    five costumes of mine:
    this year i had three costumes because i work at american apparel in soho, and they had us make costumes out for their clothing for certain days of work, so this year:

    -bumble bee (work day 1: i saw a bumble bee costume at ricky’s and thought it was cute and would be fun to do)
    -native american apparel (work day 2: i had part of the outfit left over from last year, and amazing lace up fringe boots i wanted to wear. also, the wordplay was too good to pass up!)
    -mad hatter (halloween day. because i love lewis carroll. it was either this or alice, but i figured mad hatter was a bit darker and more suited to my personality ;] )

    previous years:
    -native american (i was in a really earthy mood! i had fantastic boots i could wear and had a lot of fun doing the ‘face paint’ with eyeshadows. this was my first halloween parade in nyc so i wanted to do something different)
    -hermione (i had an intense love affair with the hp books and put together a fully authentic costume which cost so much to do i wore it for about 4 years!)

  • Vicki says:

    I think you pulled off the Hitler costume really rather well!

    This year I was Amy Winehouse, with a £8.99 wig I bought off eBay and a hell of a lot of messy eyeliner! In previous years I’ve been a bit boring, for several years running I just “gothed up” a bit more, but in the past I’ve gone as webcomic character Miho from Megatokyo (when I had purple hair) and as a pirate (haven’t most people?!)

  • Lo says:

    I was Mona Mayfair (Anne Rice’s character) in 2000 because I was obsessed with the books
    I was a pimp in 2001 because I had a fedora and it seemed funny

    After that…um I can’t rightly remember.

  • Natalie says:

    Wow thats so cool!
    The last two years I’ve really had fun with my costumes, but the years prior to that I was in a rather interesting rut =/ So here is to my blossoming into a love for Halloween!

    Last year:
    Lolita. I read the book and it was absolutely riveting, so I went all out with the lace parasol and doll cheeks to bring out the affect of youth.

    This Year:
    School Girl. I had to change it up last minute, as I was going to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz (not the skimpy one though). I had this lovely basket and the shoes, and a dress that I had personally altered to fit me, and curlers and whatnot. And of course, I had my pomeranian, Pixie, who was more the content to ride around in my basket. Unfortunately, a week before Halloween, Pixie passed away due to a hernia on her diaphragm that she was born with =( But believe it or not, my costume still turned out great. I found an oooollld dress that I had bought when I was about 14, was quite proud that I still fit into it even though it was tight, did some really quick alterations and was able to make a schoolgirl outfit out of it that was very convincing.

    Next year I believe I’m going to try to be Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice =)

  • tinkerbell86ca says:

    This year: that reporter from Monty Python and the search for the Holy Grail because my friend Gatery went out as King Author’s horse.

    Last year: random car girl because I found a cat hood from a costume I had when I was younger and it still fit.

    Grade one: Pilgrim. Why, because I was a VERY odd child. My mom wanted me to be a princes with all the sparkles . . . but I wanted to be a Pilgrim dressed in black and white. I still have the costume :)

    age 9 or 10 or 11: Duchess. At this costume rental place I found this fabulous black dress with gold embellishments on it . . . made me look like a 18th century Duchess! So I went as that.

    When I was less than one year old: A cute little gray mouse :) Why? Cuz I was little.

  • Elisha Lynn says:

    2001: Cowgirl
    2002: skipped Halloween
    2003: Pirate Wench
    2004: 80′s prom queen
    2005: Zissou Intern
    2006: Zombie Nurse a la Silent Hill
    2007: Alice in Wonderland
    2008: Batgirl

  • Dana says:

    Let’s see…

    When I was about 5 I was a princess. I designed the dress/hat and my mom made them. :D I had a tall cone shaped pointy hat with a long sheer veil to trail from the tip. All in shades of pink, of course. And I wanted to spray paint my hair red because I thought (and pretty much still think) that red hair is the best.. but when my mom started spraying it scared me so I rejected that idea. :P

    In high school I dressed one year as “The Scary Fairy”. I was like… gothed out… actually eliminated my eyebrows and painted some on, black lipstick, dark eyes… but also lots of silver glitter. I curled my hair and sprayed it silver, and also added silver pipe cleaners twisted into curls… add wings and a wand. :)

    Next costume was WINTER I think… I had a ghost costume from the store for my dress, white face makeup with blue lips and shades around the eyes, also eliminated and redrew eyebrows, silver glitter stripe on the middle of my bottom lip, other silver glitter stuff, silver glittery snowflake ornaments as earrings…

    A Punk Rock Powerpuff girl!!! I crafted a dress from T-Shirts, assembled with safety pins for that punk look, white tights, black maryjanes, and I was Blossom so the dress was pink and black. Did red/pink sparkly eye makeup around thick black liner, put red streaks in my hair… FUN.

    This year – a Twiggy-esque look. Pictures here:


  • Anna says:

    I once dressed as Claudia from Interview with the Vampire after finding the greatest vintage dress. I always liked that character and I just so happened to have dyed my hair blonde at the time. I had custom fangs made. I am not sure what year this was but I am guessing 1996.

    I went to Anne Rice’s Memnoch Ball in New Orleans 1995 and dressed up as a vampire:

    In 1994, a friend of mine and I dressed as Mickey and Mallory Knox from natural Born Killers because he looked a lot like Woody Harrelson and I like dressing up as characters from movies.

    When the Kill Bill movies came out, I loved Uma Thurman’s character so both of those years I dressed as Beatrix Kiddo. I wore it again this Halloween because I live in a different city now. The photo is from the first time and it is a bit blurry but the ones from this year did not come out well at all.

    Last year I dressed as a cowboy because I was all excited about the movie 3:10 to Yuma. I don’t have any pictures of that or the Jeffrey Damher [the serial killer/cannibal] costume I wore a few years ago.

  • Alison says:

    2002: a chorus dancer from Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera because I saw it on Broadway the previous summer and fell in love.
    2006: a Birthday present. I had on a little black skirt, a red bodice, a bow in my hair, and a giant red bow on my butt. I really just wanted to wear a giant bow on my butt.
    2007: I had several events so I went as a gypsy, an enchantress, and a little girl. I went as a little girl to irritate my boyfriend. :D It makes him feel bad that I can very convincingly pass for a little kid even though I’m 20. I find it amusing.
    2008: Porcelain doll. I secretly really want to be a doll.

    I’ve been a cat before, an Indian princess, and I’m sure I’ve gone as a ballet dancer since I do ballet and I have a million costumes. I can’t remember anything else specifically though.

  • Hailey says:

    awesome post! you look so cute in all and Mark makes a fab Marilyn Manson!! I will name 5: Cyndi Lauper, schoolgirl with a black eye (Axl was my bf), pouting child, paperbag princess and …… incognito. :-)

  • Kellee says:

    Those are all fantastic costumes!

    This year I was supposed to be a mermaid(stomach flu incident prevented that, sadly) because I have, as of late, been very intrigued by the ladies of the sea.

    Last year I was a pirate. Hadn’t had it planned or anything, but when I found the costume, it was awesome, and I thought how awesome it would work with my boots(complete with awesome pirate cuffs).

    Year before that I was a.. well, not sure exactly.. I wore an “Elizabeth Swan” dress(From Pirates of the Caribbean), but only because when I first saw the dress itself, not knowing what it was, I loooooved it.. lol

    I’ve also done an original(very crappy) Cats character, but everyone loved it(haha well, I wore it volunteering at an elementary school), and my makeup was pretty cool.

    I’ve also been a Pocahontas type of person(Nativa American princess), a butterfly, gypsy, and many princesses..

  • Alice says:

    I didn’t have time to make a new Halloween outfit this year, so I just wore last years Robin costume. My boyfriend supported me by dressing up as Batman. We entered a competition at a local comic store. I am not sure if we won anything, my boyfriend is going to check later today.

    2001: This was the first time I dressed up for Halloween, so I put really much effort into making a good cosutme. I went as a werewolf to wear fangs; my friend was going as a vampire and I didn’t want to copy her.

    2004: Eric Draven. I was heartbroken after reading the graphic novel, and watching the movie Brandon Lee stole my teenager heart.

    2005: Death, Sandman’s sister, as seen in “The high cost of living”. She was my heroine.

    2006: Edward Scissorhands. I wanted to be him when I was little. I spent hours making “scissors” out of cardboard, and it was worth it. People fed me candy since I couldn’t pick up anything.

  • Gem says:

    my favourites are the pin-up girl and hitler! you’re awesome :D

    i’ve never dressed up for halloween, since I live in Australia and we don’t really celebrate it here. I wish we did!

  • Tara says:

    Those are AWESOME costumes, you’re so creative!
    I haven’t really celebrated Halloween before (I live in Australia), but I went as Amy Winehouse this year!

  • milktea says:

    1996: Puss in boots (at school)
    1997: Posh Spice (at school)
    1998: skipped halloween
    1999: Geisha (at school)
    2000: can’t remember *g*
    2001: Hippie Girl (we were a group of 10)
    2002: Lord of the rings – Elf – own Charakter
    2003: Jack Sparrows Girlfriend :)
    2004: skipped Halloween
    2005: Tim Burtons Corpse Bride
    2006: Carrie at the Prom Night
    2007: Scary Tale Version of Cinderellas “Good Fairy”
    2008: milkteas female Version of the Heath Ledgers Joker (with Skirt, Corset…)
    2009: Bellatrix LeStrange

  • Gia says:

    The year before last I was Columbia from Rocky Horror…I used my midnight RHPS costume for that, haha! Last year I pulled off a pretty convincing Wednesday Addams, and this year I wanted to be Margot Tenenbaum. But, seeing as I had no money to buy a costume anywhere close to looking like hers, I dressed up as Amelie instead! Next year, I’ve got a few choices: Margot Tenenbaum, Marla Singer, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Annie Hall, Lolita….so many ideas!!!

  • Samanthadarko says:

    I look at those pictures and I realize that I have been reading your LJ since before the Harry Potter Party. So weird, but your awesome. when I don’t grow up I want to be like you!

  • Empress Mess says:

    Hilarious! My mom dressed me as a 1 month-old Hitler on my 1st Halloween! Apparently I looked like him?! :)

  • Elrodien says:


    1987:just 1 year old and my mum decided to dress me up as a Baby Lady Bug! I was drop dead cute!

    1989:at 3 my grandma, who was an individual-working tailor,made a “Caramel” costume which was basically a caramel colored tutu with actual candies stitched on it!!!

    1990: i was 4 and my grandma,again, made a Strawberry halloween suit for me! It was big and round and red and i had a hat on top of my head with a stem on it! :P

    1996: at 10 i pulled a rocking Barbarella outfit! Hot pink spandex suit with tiny glittery blue and gold capitone dress over it, huuuuuuuuge make up and big BIG hair! (ill find a picture of that and post it later today…you cant miss this! :P)

    2003: the first costume i actually made for myself! It was Funky Fairy as i named it…white-pink striped thigh socks, pink tutu, bright green top, purple wings and lilac bob wig! :P

    2007: this was the most “serious”of all my costumes, it was for a dnd party i attended. Long deep green dress, blue-grey cape, arched bow and a stag painted on my cheek…i was an Elf…an archer elf to be precise!

    btw…we dont actually celebrate Halloween here…but there is a period of 2-3 weeks before Easter Lent that we celebrate by dressing up and partying in the streets!!! Its a pretty cool custom and im looking forward to it every year!!! what shall i dress up like this year??

  • Leyla Timur says:

    I scrolled all the way back here because I want to dress up as Hitler for Carnaval (in Portugal we don’t really celebrate Halloween – I do, and my friends, but not many others) and remembered seeing this post.
    I’ll be honest, I mainly want to do it to shock people. I study in a horrible small town (I’ve always lived in big cities, this was a drastic change for me) and me and my black boyfriend get a LOT of negative attention (I’m white).
    I don’t want to offend, but I mean to shake up some minds.
    I also blame The Producers. What a fabulous movie, don’t you think? xD

  • abbey says:

    Why did you get rid of the Hitler picture?

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Even though no one got offended in real life (it was Halloween, after all!), it was a tasteless costume and I don’t want anyone getting offended out of context.

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