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Tales of the Unicorn Queen

Now that Harlow’s been out for a while, I hope they don’t mind me sharing these images on my blog.

I made this necklace out of glass chandelier pieces.

Felix Fluffingsworth was the perfect addition :)

You can buy this issue here. Behind-the-scenes here!

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“Ice Queen Editorial in Harlow Magazine”

  • I’ve said it before, and it’s worth saying again: these photos are amazing, the best photoshoot I’ve seen in months. I’m a big fan of yours and Leonid Gurevich.

    Kind wishes,

  • Amazing photos Doe! I truly am in love with your icey blonde hair, and did you use a white foundation or is that just playing with the lighting?

    By the way, I’m quite sorry to bother you about this, but
    I’d like to ask for your help. I’m being cyber bullied and cyber stalked right now, all because I expressed my honest opinion and fascination with a celebrity back in my home country.
    I know I’m not the first one to be bullied, but it won’t end with just me until the issue is brought to light. I hope someone here can help me, and help others in the future.

    They have my real name, my school’s address and possibly pictures of my friends and family, as well as me.

    Please, if anyone of you can do anything to help me, please do!

    I also posted this on Lime Crime’s wall, I’m sorry if I’m bothering you Doe. :(

    Doe Deere Reply:


    I’m so very sorry to hear you’re going through this. If they posted your real name/address/any identifying information, you should contact the website owner — they should remove it. If the bullying is going on on a website, you should always get in touch with the owner.

    Sometimes it helps to disappear and stop responding. They’ll get bored and drop it eventually and move on to somebody else — internet is like that. Believe me, I’ve seen the best and worst of it. Keep your chin up. XOXO

    Dolce Devereaux Reply:

    Thanks Doe! It’s actually happening on my blog, which I’m not going to shut down just because people disagree with my opinions. What bothers me is I found out who the people encouraging the stalking and bullying were, and they were all 20-50 year old women, and I just felt sad that all these women with families, children, grandchildren of their own could encourage others to bully people who didn’t think like they did.

    (And you’re right, they did move on to someone else, they moved onto their idol’s best friend. Sad, really :( )

    I will keep my spirits up and pray for the best. Thanks for the kind words Doe!

  • Gabriella says:

    These are gorgeous and very interesting pictures! I love the first one and the one with your cat! :) You look gorgeous as usual. :)

    Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  • Tora says:

    Beautiful. Breathtaking.

  • Carolyn says:

    Wow! Beautiful. Couldn’t help but think of Snegurochka.

    And I LOVE that chandelier necklace.

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Snegurochka is one of my favorite characters! :D

  • Michelle says:

    WOW! Love that last shot. And Felix looks almost as good as you! ;)

    Doe Deere Reply:

    He disagrees, he thinks he totally stole the shot. ;)

  • Mira says:

    Amazing photos! I love the first one. You’re eyes are so beautiful and you’re really gorgeous. :)

  • Laura says:

    so beautiful! and felix is too cute:)

  • Der Feedrache says:

    This is such an amazing concept, and the photos are stunningly regal and wintery! Although, I think it’d have been interesting to see this concept with No She Didn’t, but it still turned out wonderfully!

    Doe Deere Reply:

    We intentionally avoided using NSD because we thought it might look a bit predictable, but now that I think about it I can actually envision it working. Next time! :)

  • Ann says:

    That is so amazing! I love your blog, I usually don’t leave comments because I’m from Israel and i get nervous when i have to write to English spears :<

    that's me using limecrime lipstick~~♥

    Kelly Reply:

    You are pretty. You shouldn’t worry about leaving comments in English – what better way to practice than with strangers online?

    Is that a wig? I’m digging the orange locks :)

    Dimitri Reply:

    You’re so pretty!

    Doe Deere Reply:


    You are beautiful and your English is great! Is that Countessa Fluorescent I’m spying? :)

    nicoleS Reply:

    i’m glad to find here more people from israel ^^ :D (like myself)

  • Miia says:

    I think the photos look great! My favourites are the first and the last one. :)

  • Leslie Anne says:

    Beyond Stunning! It makes me regret getting all this summer sun…and freckles :)

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Nooo, freckles are precious! You should totally flaunt them :D

  • Becca Rainbow says:

    What movie was the White Witch in? The costuming and makeup department needed to consult you, because you look amazing!

    Kate & Zena Reply:

    The White Witch (Queen Jadis) is from The Chronicles of Narnia. The White Witch is meant to be a bit ugly because she’s not human at all. She’s seen as the most beautiful thing in Narnia (skin as white as snow, lips red as the rose….I’m not kidding); however, she’s not beautiful at all. She’s insatiably cruel. It’s her way or the highway.

    The newest versions chose to make her beautiful in a more striking way as ALL other movies have made gave her that evil step-mother/step-queen look (if you’ve seen Disney’s Snow White, the cartoon version of Queen Jadis looks like SW’s queen). Was it bold? Yes, but I think it worked out because the movie sets itself apart from the many other adaptions of the series (which are numerous, trust me). She’s beautiful in a twisted way and I love that. That’s just my opinion, anyway.

    Doe Deere Reply:

    I loved The White Witch as portrayed by Tilda Swinton (one of my favorite actresses). Thanks for all the background, how fascinating!!

    Kate & Zena Reply:


    She’s a debated character as Lewis gave her two origins in the books which is rather funny. One can be seen as an old wive’s tale that’s been passed down because Mr. Beaver tells the Pevensie children she’s half-giantess and half-Jinn (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) and in Magician’s Nephew, it’s said she’s the last of the humanoid race known as the Charn (her castle is in Charn, if you remember from the movie). This second could be her real species. She’s not human though. Lewis might have changed his mind too (he didn’t exactly PLAN the series out).

    She’s a very interesting villain in some ways if you ever get the chance to pick up the novels. She’s not seen a whole lot (but she is referenced to quite frequently) but she makes quite an imprint!

    P.S. If you go onto The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’s imdb page, click on the White Witch’s link and you can see some of her reincarnations. They’re very interesting.

  • Elle Caszatt says:

    Wow, I think this is the best editorial of yours. Good work :]

  • Pippa says:


    I bought the issue when it came out. The pictures throughout were incredible. I have to say, the Ice Queen editorial was definately the most fantastical! Like something right out of the fairytale!

    It was like the insight into the Snow Queen’s character from the old scandinavian tale.

    Truly inspiring! Bravo!

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Yay! So happy you liked the editorial, it’s such a great issue too!

  • Wow those are AMZING!
    Very Snow Queen!

  • Gorgeous! I bet you had the best time dressing up like this. I LOVE those eyelashes. Fantabulous.

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Actually, it was a bit of a torture — in the best way possible! The first outfit took about 3 hours to put together (makeup, hair, lacing me up in the corset and dress). Once we got started, things moved along a bit faster. I think the shoot took about 7 hours total. Completely worth it!

  • bravegrrl says:

    these photos are beyond amazing!!! you nailed the ice queen!

  • AMY! says:

    because of the lack of eyebrows these remind me much of queen elizabeth, very unique!

    also, i looove the concept for the one with the chess pieces… i’m always all about the props!!

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Hehe, me too! I always joke that I need props or I wouldn’t know what to do with myself haha.

  • Shybiker says:

    Amazing photos. Moody and ethereal. I love ‘em.

  • GawgusThings says:

    Just absolutely stunning! Love them…

  • Dimi says:

    Fantastic photo-shoot!! Looks like a fairy tale! Excellent job! Congrats to anyone involved!! :)

  • sassyNpunk says:

    How long did all of this makeup and wardrobe take to put on?

    Doe Deere Reply:

    First look, about 3 hours. Not kidding! The entire shoot took about 7 hours, I think. Let’s just sat we were all VERY hungry towards the end and tore up that pizza!!! ;D

  • June says:

    Wow! That’s the most icy ice queen I’ve ever seen.

  • Petunia says:

    love the dress, i want one!

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Leonid can make you one. ;)

  • Dimitri says:

    Just WOW.

  • Kaiya says:

    Wow that’s an A-MAZING photo shoot!! I think my favorites are the second and third, I love your eyes there! Also your porcelain skin!! > . <

  • Livia says:

    stunning!!! you’re always such an inspiration to my own photography work… i just love all these beautiful crazy concepts you come up with!

  • Kaylen says:

    Wow! It’s like the White Witch in Narnia! The woman they cast in the role just didn’t live up to my dream of it… but here it is, my childhood imagination come to life! It’s perfect!

    Doe Deere Reply:

    No way! I thought Tilda Swinton was so perfect for that role :)

  • tinyslice says:

    Where are those lashes from?

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Make Up For Ever, #17 I believe. Aren’t they something else?!

  • l says:

    so so so beautiful.
    you should read the neil gaiman story snow, glass, apples

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Ooh, that sounds intriguing! I shall!

  • Amelia says:

    hmmm beautiful photos but that fur looks terribly real….

  • Natasha says:

    I hadn’t seen some of those shots, my god! Especially that last one with the chess pieces, so perfect!

  • Anya says:

    This is really an awesome photoshoot. The poses, the makeup, the angles and focus of the shots themselves; it’s all quite fabulous. To be honest though, I’m not really feeling the photoshop filters that were used on it. To me, the rosy tones flatten everything out in a less than appealing way. Still, these are really wonderful photos.

  • Marlena says:

    Eeeeeee!! These photos are absolutely fantastic..!! I loooove the concept. It has a very fairytale feel to it. I can’t even choose a favorite shot. This is pure glee..!! ;)

    Xenia, I do have a question for you: What do you use to tone your hair that perfect shade of white? I’ve been trying to achieve that look myself for a while now but nothing seems to get it to that shade. I even tried Manic Panics version and it did absolutely nothing to my already platinum blonde hair. I do have my hair bleached quite light so you’d think it would have worked..?? Umpf. Please help..?? haha.


  • You make a beautiful ice queen! These pictures are gorgeous and really inspiring. And I adore the fluffball. Those cats always look like they have tons of personality.

    Miss Coccinelle

  • Alyse says:

    This editorial is simply breathtaking. I love the makeup and styling. Very reminiscent of the artistic type of work Illamasqua puts out with each campaign.

  • barbiepink says:

    i really love seeing your photos , make me feel glee ♥

  • nicoleS says:

    i can honestly say that it’s one of the best shoots i have ever seen! it’s so magical and breathtaking ^^ i love you’r white hair!~
    and snegurachka is one of my favorite charecters as well :)

  • Stephanie says:

    Bonjour ! Hello !
    First, I would like to say how much I really enjoy to watch all your “transformations” ! You are so pretty and so different in each post ! It’s crazy and so great ! :^)
    I have a question and since I didn’t find a way to send it by mail or in private I write it here. I hope you will apologize me. How do you make up eyes which go down ? In french : “Comment maquiller des yeux qui tombent?”
    Thank you for your answer and I wish you the best !!!

  • Sexy Sadie says:

    Bold and daring without black mascara, since the mouth came in total focus.

  • Julia H says:

    Hey hey I love the overall shooot…
    but fur? as fake as it may be its still glamorizing the whole look of wearing animals as fashion! :(
    I am slightly disappointed, being such a HUGE fan… and because you makesuch a big effort to make your products (which I love) vegan.

    Next time…. no fur trims?
    Please? for the animals.. we all love them
    Sorry im not trying to hate on you – there is way too much negativity on the net as it is! I am just a huge animal rights supporter!


  • Suzanne C. says:

    Real fur!! *shakes head* I still don’t like this. A great way to ruin an amazing photo shoot.

    Julia H Reply:

    I totally agree here with the fur ruining the shots… but still amazing lady. just needs to say no to wearing animals. love u doe!!!

  • Almeida says:

    Amazing photos!!

  • Jamie Fox says:

    Such a beautiful spread!

  • Ashelle says:

    Wow. You look amazing. Love the ice queen look.

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