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My first impression of Mosh couldn’t have been more wrong. “Who is this hoochie?!” I thought as I saw a skinny bleach-blonde standing amidst a Williamsburg loft in nothing but a bikini, platform shoes and a pair of false lashes. (To this day I’m ashamed and will never let myself live it down – didn’t I know she was MOSH, a model extraordinaire and the number one uprising star in the fetish cosmos?!) Ten seconds later, without suspecting a thing, Mosh walked up to me and enthusiastically shook my hand like we were old buddies. And just like that, my heart melted into a big puddle of pink goo and I fell in love with the girl, for good.

Like most phenomenal talents, Mosh took the fetish scene by storm. Within a year of her career and only 18 years of age, this petite-sized Russian beauty already boasts numerous features in magazines such as Envy, Marquis and A Mag, as well as The Fetishistas online community. She has shot with the world-famousĀ  Lithium Picnic and PhotoVance and made a fierce poster girl for the Barbican Xpo and the German Fetish Ball. In the fetish universe dominated by tattooed, heavily pierced ‘bottle goths’, Mosh definitely sticks out with her platinum blond locks and an angelic expression reflecting the state of perpetual ecstasy.

Photo: Lithium Picnic

The interview came out long and interesting – Mosh had a lot to say, and I a lot to ask! – so I split it into two parts. Second part coming next week!

Let’s start with your favorite question (haha :)) – how did you get the name Mosh?

I’ve been called this since a very young age [‘mosh’ sounds similar to her original Russian name – if I tell you more I will get a footprint of Mosh’s 7″ platform boot on my butt!) -DD], when I got older it just stuck even more. So when it came time to figure out a stage name I thought it was perfect. I love metal but it has nothing to do with music or mosh pits!

Where are the Mosh Head Quarters located?

I currently reside on the outskirts of DC. I recently made a couple of trips out to LA and I absolutely love it there, so don’t be surprised if you find me relocating there within the next year. I’ve visited NYC a few times as well but I just cant get into NYC as much as LA for some reason.

You came to the US when you were 3 – where is your family from originally? Is it true you are part Korean? (I’m Eurasian myself.)

Hey you’re even sexier than I thought, Eurasians rock! Most of my family is primarily from Russia although one of the great great grandfathers was Korean. My grandmother really looks part Korean, my mother looks a little Korean, and I was left with probably the cheekbones.

How good is your Russian?

Its pretty good. I can still speak fluently but with a fair amount of grammatical errors. I somehow managed to remember all of my Russian from when I was three. I don’t relate to the Russian community at all though, nor do I really have any Russian friends. The motherland is probably ashamed. [Sure, but only because you are *obscenely* beautiful! ;) -DD]

Photo: Kencredible

Some of your poses require a lot of flexibility.
I was a gymnast for about 10 years, a cheerleader for even longer, rhythmic gymnast for about 3 years, and an acrobat for about one year. When I was a gymnast I got first place in States and second in a Nationals competition.

Who did you want to be as a child?

Growing up I thought I wanted to be an equine veterinarian. Then I had no idea what I wanted to do. I didn’t really like high school so I really wanted to leave and pursue some kind of artistic career. Towards the end of high school I realized how much I loved art and design and am now pursuing a degree in graphic design.

How old were you when you decided to pursue modeling as a career? Did you know you wanted to do fetish right away or was it more of an acquired taste?

I was 17 when I started working on my portfolio. I pretty much knew that I wanted to go into fetish and alternative modeling, I was just too young to really start on it. Fetish imagery was something that I had already fallen in love with a few years before I even considered starting modeling.

What was your mom’s reaction when you first told her you wanted to be a fetish model?

Well I told her and showed her a couple of the photos where I’m covered in latex and she thought it was pretty so she wanted to go show her friend, haha! I try to explain to her that this is adult work and it is sexually charged however I don’t think she quite grasps the idea of ‘fetish’. Then again maybe she does.

How does your boyfriend feel about what you do? (proud, jealous, protective, supportive?)

My ex boyfriend was not at all supportive. He constantly showed how jealous and unhappy he was with it. My boyfriend now is very supportive and understanding which I feel very lucky to have. Hes quite talented and artistic himself, maybe its only the artistic guys who get it?

Do you consider yourself straight or bisexual?

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself bi however I do love posing with other pretty ladies. :)

Photo: Asylum Photo

You are only 5’3″ (unusually short for a model) – what is the difference between what you do and ‘traditional’ modeling?

To me, ‘traditional’ modeling is boring. Its plastic and cookie-cutter. Most of this is covered by agencies who primarily take in models who are between 5’8 and 6’plus, thus why most always considered that you need to be tall in order to become a model. Fetish and alternative modeling doesn’t come with a height requirement. Its about your representation of an image or idea and has a greater concentration on your look. Those who can represent the idea of fetish and model fetish clothing well will be the ones to succeed. Height has really nothing to do with either one of those things. I will say that sometimes I am jealous of the giant models, they have the height to do runway shows and shoots for designers like Gaultier and Dolce & Gabbana. I certainly love my high fashion and designers!

How did you get started and what was your first photo session like?

My very first shoot wasn’t all that exciting and I disliked it. The second shoot was much better and the one after that was even better. As I applied more of myself and my ideas/skills, the greater the shoots got.
I started out on Somehow I ended up networking my way into some really great artists who allowed me to create the portfolio I have today.

Do you find yourself attractive?

I tolerate myself in the mirror and I know that I like my look and wouldn’t change anything about it. I also know what enhances that look or what looks good on me but its not like I want my mirrored image to jump out so I can make-out with myself, if you get what I mean…

Are there days when you feel insecure about the way you look and how do you overcome your body issues?
Everybody has insecurities, including those who model. Were hired out based off our looks and bodies so its a constant worry to maintain your shape, some days it can be discouraging and make you feel insecure. I’ve learned to work with my body whether I’m super slender at one period in time or if I’ve gotten curvier. I try to remember as long as your healthy and maintain a fit shape that it will look good and attractive. An insecure attitude wont be attractive either, so learn to love what you are and who you are, and be happy.
Do you exercise or follow a diet to stay in such a fantastic shape?
I’m kind of a bum when it comes to diet and staying in shape. Miraculously, I haven’t turned into a tub of lard yet but I do try to eat several small meals a day consisting of whole grains, veggies, and fruits. I also eat a lot of cereal because I never have time to cook and I can’t stray too far away from my desserts…

Next week: Mosh talks about her latex collection, upcoming paysite, and her run-in with the cops in an abandoned hospital.

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