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Deer Doe:

I’m 23 years old and spent most of middle school/high school looking like a dorky nerdy Asian girl owing to my glasses, acne and er… not knowing how to “look good.” I learned how to doll up in college very recently taking cues from alternative models, you, and other bloggers who incorporate a lot of color in their make up and outfit. I’m no professional but I have a good idea of what looks good on me… although I admit, I’m still way more comfy in minimal dress up. I still wear glasses most of the time and right now I work in an environment where I cannot wear make up.

There was a company party recently and since it was a social event (and since I was slightly fed up from being ‘one of the guys’ at work), I decided to doll up. I wore make up and wore a long sweater/jeans combo. And the results? Uh… let’s just say half of my coworkers didn’t even recognize me. I had a good number of guys doing double takes, and people complimenting me and tell me how great I looked. One guy even told me “I was amazed at how different you looked! I guess that’s how celebrities look so good!”

It felt weird knowing that I am the same person that people would hardly consider pretty when I’m wearing glasses, no make up, and hoodie; which I am perfectly fine with. But it’s difficult when with make up and a little dress up, I’m suddenly “pretty.” There is a word in my native country that means “Girl Who Only Looks Pretty With Makeup” which basically means fake beauty, so to speak. I know I’m not using make up to reshape my looks (although I know professionals can definitely do that). I am using make up to accentuate my features and express myself through color, so I know I shouldn’t feel bad that I look “better” with make up on. And it is definitely convenient to be able to tone myself down so I don’t attract unwanted attention. But I can’t help questioning:

Maybe I’m just a fake beauty that only looks good in make up?

I know beauty comes from the inside, but I don’t think there’s any girl that would hate to be considered physically pretty too. My father has once told me all girls can look different based on how they dress (have make up on). I suppose I’m just an extreme case. I’m the same inside and I know there is no shame that I look better(?) when I dress up… but there’s still that lingering dread in the back of my mind that’s I’m just a made up beauty… I was hoping you can help me.

-Girl Who Only Looks Pretty With Makeup

Dear Girl Who Only Looks Pretty…,

I’ve heard the myth about “real” and “fake” beauty before. How can a man tell if a girl is truly beautiful or just ‘faking’ it?, yada, yada, yada. I say: WHO CARES! Most beautiful people I know look ordinary without makeup, and they know it & are perfectly content with it! Yes, some are born naturally beautiful, but most of us need a little help – myself included. I was reading a feature with a makeup artist Dotti, who said, “Most beauties aren’t really beautiful”. I think what she meant is that good looks can be achieved through understanding the architecture of your face and knowing how to enhance it.

It sounds like you were blessed with features that come to life with a touch of a makeup wand as if by magic. It’s like having a secret super-power, imagine the possibilities if used sparingly and strategically. ;) Just like you, I’m rather plain au-naturel: my flat, moon-like visage lacks definition, eyes look beady, and nose looks slightly big in proportion to the rest of the face. All through middle and high school I’ve felt as invisible as my eyebrows… Now, when former classmates find me on social media, I’m always complimented on how great I look, which is funny because underneath all the hair & makeup I’m still the same clumsy, dorky Xenia. :)

I think what baffled you most was the reaction you got to your transformation. I know first-hand that people can treat you differently based on the way you look. Extreme example: When my family first moved to NY, we didn’t have much money so I had to wear this hand-me-down jacket to keep warm. I hated that jacket! It looked like it belonged on a homeless person, not a teenage girl, and caused staff at stores to follow me around like I was going to steal something. Humiliating? Very! But also very telling of how humans work. I’ve resolved to never willingly let it happen to me again, and been striving to look my best ever since.

If you have found a way to look beautiful that works for you, consider yourself very lucky — it’s something some people never find. Use it wisely and um… stay beautiful! :)

Deerlings: How do you find yourself without makeup? Are you happy with the way you look or prefer the dolled-up version? How about others?

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“Only Look Good With Makeup?”

  • Miss Lemon says:

    Very well said, Doe!

    Personal Beauty is a form of art! I feel like a blank canvas when I walk around without makeup, but just like any blank canvas… I have potential! I am very attracted to beautiful things, not because I am shallow, but because they are pleasant and make me feel light-hearted.

    Also, in most cases of people finding me “unattractive” without makeup, it usually has more to do with how I feel and act. When I don’t have makeup on, I actually ACT less attractive, because I don’t feel pretty. The truth is beauty is in how you hold yourself and express yourself. Knowing that makes me feel pretty a lot more often. You would be incredibly surprised by what different people find pretty.

    Doe Deere Reply:

    I like your ‘blank canvas’ comparison, Miss Lemon! That’s pretty much exactly how I feel about my face. It’s fun to decorate! :)

  • Kaitlyn says:

    I understand where you and ‘Girl Who Only Looks Pretty With Makeup’ are coming from. I used to not wear makeup(middle school sucked), and was therefore ‘ugly’. The very second I started(or just got my hair out of my face), it was like I was a different person(to them). I felt really confused as to whether I should start wearing makeup all the time, or I shouldn’t ‘give in to societies need’ for me to wear makeup(feminism at an early age can be confusing).

    Honestly, now I wear makeup every day. Not because I want to attract attention, or for people to think I’m pretty. I realized that I can just be pretty for myself, and there’s nothing sexist about that. :)

    Kate Madalene Reply:

    This is a really great point of view! I think I agree with you entirely :)

  • Mina Cvetkovic says:

    Hi the picture is of me, please remove.

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Hi Mina!

    I’m sorry I used your picture without permission. It’s beautiful but I didn’t know who to credit it to. Now I do! :) Would you be ok with me using it if I credited & linked to you? My blog gets almost 5,000+ uniques daily, so it’s good exposure. If not, let me know anyhow and I’ll take it down. Thanks! :)


    Mina Cvetkovic Reply:

    Hi Doe :) Sorry, it is property of the photographer. I can use it for portfolio and modelling applications, but apart from that I can’t give permission to use it. Please remove it thank you.

    Kelly Reply:

    I’m surprised this hasn’t been taken down yet. I’ve heard you say in the past you wouldn’t use an image without the proper permissions and/or linkings when someone points your attention to it. Here is that person asking nicely. I hope you do the appropriate thing and change the picture.

    Jon Reply:

    I am also surprised it hasn’t been taken down. you have obviously been on the site to blog, it should have been taken down then, per her request.

    Samantha Reply:

    Wow, really doe? You haven’t taken it down yet when you’ve posted multiple blog entries?
    You’re so classy.

    Chelsea Reply:

    So, I googled the picture and it’s from a January 2008 Vogue. At first I was super pissed too that Doe didn’t remove the picture, but if its from a magazine or a scan, as long as she credits it, it should be ok? Is Mina that’s commenting real?

    Doe Deere Reply:

    All taken care of, Mina. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Natasha Reply:

    Hey- she asked you nicely to take it down, so take it down. Just use a different picture. Why does it have to be a big deal?

    Melissa Reply:

    Chelsea – it’s not the same as it being used here, because I’m sure the photographer gave permission to Vogue to have it published. Also, there he has a credit saying that he is the one who took it. Here,it’s being used w/o the photographers permission and they are not receiving any profits at all from it. That could be a huge problem later on if he found out about it, depending on how his personality is. I’m sure if Doe contacted the photographer, Richard Burbridge, he might give permission though.

    Pearl Reply:

    This should probably be taken down…especially if its already been used in an editorial. It might be good exposure being posted on a blog or tumblr, but Doe is the owner of a cosmetic company, which is frequently mentioned on this blog, so there’s definite problems with the picture being associated with marketing.

    I know some people are just around to nitpick, but you have to be careful when you’re a business owner and your products are being featured and promoted on the site where you post unoriginal photos.

  • cupcake says:

    Funny, most people that are beautiful in the outside normaly, tend to be “i’m beautiful look at me bla bla bla”, and that makes me think they are ugly, because of the inside!
    The iner beauty is the most important for me, you don’t have to be alllll dressed up to people think you are beautiful, but you have to care about yourself in the outside.

  • Mary A says:

    Very well put. I feel the same way, I’m not shocker without makeup but I can look damn near perfect with it :) I think the real thing is to feel good about yourself. Don’t worry what other people say. I wear make up because I enjoy applying it and it makes me feel like a super star. I truly believe that if you take care of your body and keep healthy you will always look beautiful, makeup or not, because the human body is an amazing and complex thing and I find it awesome that no one is exactly the same, everyone is individual :)

  • Kiki says:

    People like me more dolled up. I got a TON of compliments after prom and was considered a “pretty” girl. When my friends once dolled me up, they wouldnt stop complimenting my features. Long eyelashes, high cheekbones, soft fluffy lips, big eyes, nice skin etc etc. I dunno, I never noticed/dunno how to accentuate it. Im too lazy to get dolled up a lot. I think I look better with makeup at times. But dont care either way.

  • Luna says:

    Honestly, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t prefer their faces made-up. I know so many people who wouldn’t leave the house without a dab of concealer, or a touch of mascara to open up their eyes. While I tend to leave the house with a full face every day, I won’t even go out on sick days without filling in my brows (no really, I look like an alien without them). I wouldn’t call any of us “fake,” just wise to our flaws and how to conceal them.

    And really, that comment about “how does a man know a woman is really beautiful or if she’s just faking” is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard. I have never once done my makeup or gotten dressed for the day for anyone but MYSELF. Not a man, not other woman, but for me. And I think that’s what’s most important about the beauty culture: it gives us the power to feel better about OURSELVES. When you’re looking good, you’re feeling good–and feeling good means being confident.

  • Lydia says:

    I actually have eczema all over my face and can’t wear much makeup, but when my best friend does my face up for me, I get complimented all the time. It kind of makes me feel generally ugly, but I tend to assume that it’s for the best.

    Doe Deere Reply:

    I’m sure you’re NOT ugly, Lydia! xo

  • Bridget says:

    This is important! n_n Makeup isn’t about hiding who you are, it’s about EMBRACING who you are and expressing all of the wonderful colors and sparkles you have on the inside and making them obvious to everyone who looks at you!

  • Amber says:

    Ugh, I can sympathize with Only Looks Good…, but in reverse.
    One day I decided not to volumize my hair or wear makeup and everyone at work stopped me to ask me if I “got beaten up,” or to remind me that I “look horrible/ill.” Yaaaaay. =__________=
    Now I desperately cling to makeup and am completely convinced that I require a minimum of concealer and mascara if I plan to leave my bed that day.

    This is not the most empowering post, I agree.

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Hey, if it makes you feel any better that’s exactly how I feel. Foundation and mascara are a MUST for me, as they are for most people truthfully. So don’t feel bad, you’re not alone!

  • Lena says:

    I love the way my face looks without makeup, but I still love to play with it! I go through phases in which I love makeup, then I rock a bare look for a while, then go back to lots of makeup. I’m happy with some mascara and chapstick, which I did today. Tomorrow I might get dolled up. While I do love getting dolled up, I also love embracing my natural beauty.

  • Roselen says:

    I hate the way I look most days without make-up. My eyes have dark circles and they look sunken in and small and squinty. My nose is naturally crooked and my scar on my chin stands out like a sore thumb, and I’ve been told I look like a Zombie(and now a self proclaimed Zombie Queen.) But there are things I like about my face with out make-up, I have two beauty marks-one right under my eye(right where the socket ends) and one right on my check bone. And then I have eye brows that I don’t need to shape, just sometimes maintain a few stragglers. But when I throw on a little or even a lot of make-up I look like a different person. Just like when I wear my glasses or contacts. But whats funny is most my life i detested make-up until I started trying it on my own free will when I was about 14-15(I’m 20 now) But I don’t “put on a mask of make-up” when I wear make-up, I’m still me and I don’t change. And knowing that is what makes me like my unmake-uped face even more

  • Angie says:

    Beauty is so subjective and I think people take things things way too seriously these days.

    Have fun with makeup, why not? Who cares if people thing it’s “fake” or not. If someone finds you beautiful, it will be because of YOU not because of the color of eyeshadow on your face, or the type of shoes you wear.

    I wear makeup not because I need it but because I love it!! Everyone is a judge these days and really opinions are based on the person’s perspective.

    It may be cliche but being yourself is beautiful. Makeup, no makeup.

  • Emily says:

    I hate how I look without makeup. I literally have nightmares about going out without it. I know that it is unhealthy and obsessive and I shouldn’t feel that way, but when I look in the mirror in the morning, all I see is ugly.

    Doe Deere Reply:


    I think most people feel that way from time to time. Sometimes when I’m feeling down I can’t even look at myself in the mirror because all I’m going to see is ugly. It goes away, I promise!

    Doe Deere Reply:

    ALSO! I am definitely VERY UNCOMFORTABLE with the idea of running into someone important when I look like poop. For instance, I had an opportunity to meet the key makeup artist of Dancing With The Stars today. I chose not to because I’m sick and look gross, I would much rather meet her at a later time when I look more presentable. That’s just self-respect!!

    Emily Reply:

    that’s how I am. I’m so afraid of people seeing how my face really looks

  • Melissa says:

    Apparently I look pretty much the same with or without makeup. My family and friends didn’t even realize I wore makeup until they either saw me putting it on, or I told them. I do tend to wear natural looking colors, and I don’t wear heavy foundation. But it was still kind of shocking to realize that they honestly had no clue I was wearing makeup, when to me I wear a pretty substantial amount. I wear concealer on problem areas, mineral foundation, eyeshadow, bronzer and mascara.
    My boyfriend can see the difference now that he’s been dating me for over 3 years. He said that he can tell how I accentuate certain features more with it, but that I don’t look like a completely different person.
    I use it more to even out my skintone, since I have ever present zombie circles under my eyes and my skintone can be a bit ruddy.
    I don’t really mind going out in public sans makeup, and I try to take care of my skin so that it looks okay w/o makeup.
    I wouldn’t say I’m a knockout without makeup on, I think I’m average looking pretty, but I definitely do look better wearing makeup than not!

  • Jean Marie says:

    The only people I let see me without makeup are my family. I look pretty bad – dark circles totally ruin my face; if I didn’t have them I would be comfortable going without makeup. When I was in grade school and middle school people would tell me I looked scary and that I was ugly so makeup has saved me a lot of negative criticism.

    Jean Marie Reply:

    I didn’t aswer the original question. :p I don’t think I’m ugly now that I’m grown up. I am happy to be me. Even so, I will always wear makeup because I feel more confident with my flaws less visible.

  • Cutesaurus says:

    Very interesting post/topic. I think that because ALL of the “beautiful” people we see in the media always wear (a lot of professionally applied) makeup, it gives people unrealistic standards about what being “normal” and “pretty” are… Think about the tabloids that advertise “pics of celebrities WITHOUT MAKEUP!” like they’re actually horrible freaks below the mask (of course they always pick terrible pics anyway so they look extra bad), when in reality most of these people are probably quite beautiful without makeup.

    I think a lot of it has to do with the “made-up look” being considered the standard for feminine beauty, as established by the media. There’s a reason bold makeup is used to enhance features – to enhance parts of the face and make them stand out (eg. bold lips, dramatic eyes).

    I also think the mere act of wearing makeup indicates to others (often) that you care about your appearance, and that will make them see you differently. When I wear very dark/dramatic eye makeup, I find that guys flirt with me/hit on me a lot more than if I wear less. When I do crazy, colorful, outrageous looks, usually more girls talk to me! :) Most times now, esp during the day, I just do pretty basic concealer/blush/mascara, so it looks polished but won’t make people be like OMGMAKEUP when they see me. I do like me some crazy winged eyeliner though :)

    I don’t feel ugly exactly when I’m not wearing makeup… but I do tend to see my face as a canvas moreso now, one that really looks best with certain enhancements. I just feel lazy and kind of blah when I don’t make the effort to pay a little attention to my appearance. It really does make me feel more confident too. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using makeup to enhance or alter your appearance. People who feel “lied to” by makeup have an overly simplistic view of decoration and self-expression.

  • Toni says:

    I’m now almost 24 and during high school, say around 17 or so, I used to wear makeup. Not a lot, and usually only when I went out. To me putting on makeup was always a hassle. I hated it. It always made me feel uncomfortable. And it meant I had to wear contacts, which dried my eyes out no matter what the brand. When I didn’t have any on, some guys I had dated would say “I wonder what you would look like with makeup” or “I bet you would look even hotter all dolled up” and all I could think was “Well then this says to me you don’t think I’m pretty enough”
    Now I don’t consider myself ugly, not one bit. I probably sound conceited when I say that I know I’m beautiful and I know that Im hot, and that is without makeup, but that’s ok and I love not wearing any. I haven’t worn any since I was around 21. I just stopped. I still have some eyeliner laying around too. lol. If someone cannot appreciate how you look when you are your most comfortable then forget them. If some guy tried to hit on me and said “you know, you would look sexy with some eyeliner I bet” I’d walk away. I love wearing my glasses and I love not wearing makeup. I feel pretty without it and shouldn’t be pressured into feeling I need to wear it and no one else should either.

  • Courtney says:

    I almost never wear makeup. I’m a blonde who was blessed with naturally dark brows and lashes (thanks dad!) and my skin is pretty decent other than GIANT pores.

    The main reason I don’t wear makeup is that I am HORRIBLE at applying it. I always look like a little kid, with underdeveloped motor skills, playing with Mommy’s makeup.

    I am more worried about looking like a clown than I am about enhancing my looks.

  • Kaiya says:

    First off, I was reading through some of these comments, and I feel the need to tell everyone who says that they feel ‘ugly’ without makeup, I’m honestly sure you’re not!! I don’t just want to say that, but I know how horrible it feels to not be particularly dolled up, and nobody say anything.

    I definitely prefer to wear makeup, even if that’s just some liquid eyeliner around my eyes, but I usually also wear foundation so I look a bit paler and mascara (and I’ve lately taken to wearing purple eyeshadow around my eyes), although I love wearing bright lipstick I can’t wear it at school :P I definitely look prettier WITH makeup because my eyes look tiny without eyeliner, and my lips get a better shape with lippy. Most of my friends are actually really naturally beautiful though, which I am obviously so jealous of! :)

  • Katie says:

    What a beautiful letter and response!

    I find I prefer how I look with make-up, especially because I enjoy playing with eye-shadow and using my eyelids as an artists’ canvas. But, I don’t wear make-up very often as it tends to cause me to break out (and I’ve tried many methods of moisturising, as well as many brands of make-up – found an organic line to break me out even worse)!

    But, I struggle with my complexion and I find when I am somewhere I regularly have to wear make-up (e.g. work), I can cover everything up just fine.

    Also, although it may seem strange to some being that I am 25 years old, if I’m feeling a little down, or bored, I may do up my entire face, usually focusing on incredibly colourful, intricate, or wild eye make-up… even though I’m sitting at home and no one’s going to see the look unless I snap pictures.

  • Simca says:

    I like using makeup to accentuate my eyes and lips, or to add some color to my face (for instance, I’m wearing a turquoise shirt and fuchsia eyeshadow today, and it really makes my green eyes pop).

    But I really like my features, even without makeup.

  • Mello says:

    Oddly enough I never felt ugly until I started wearing makeup in middle school. Looking at myself before makeup and then after… the difference was pretty startling to me. It got to a point where I would not be seen without it. I had no eyelashes or eyebrows, my skin was covered in blemishes, my face was pink, and I had raccoon eyes. I was totally convinced I was hideous without makeup.

    As I got older though my perspective changed. I took better care of my skin and I came to terms with the fact that hell all those celebrities don’t even really look like themselves without a team of stylists. And why should being born beautiful be more prized than making yourself beautiful? I love Marilyn Monroe. The woman had her hair bleached, her hairline raised with electrolysis, cartilage removed from the tip of her nose, a chin implant, her teeth done, and oh yeah she was a magician with makeup. No one ever attacks her for being an “unnatural” or “fake” beauty shes just considered one of the sexiest most glamourous woman to have ever walked the planet.

    In summation, “A pretty girl is a mistake of nature, a beautiful woman is a creation of her own.”

  • Krystal says:

    This is a interesting topic because it kinda made me think about it,i love wearing makeup and i love experimenting with different colours which i applaud lime crime for doing,yet i remember once when i was about 11 years old in primary school a girl that i knew told me that im plain but with makeup i would look better and i think it kinda stuck with me because i refuse to go out anywhere without makeup but saying that i do love wearing makeup not to impress people or anything but because it makes me feel girly and feminine,so i guess everyone is different and we all should just do things that make us happy and not let anyone make us feel bad about ourselves.

  • Casey says:

    I know I only look good with make-up on, and I’m totally okay with that. I wear make-up every day, and it’s really rare that I ever go to class without it on (the only exception is when I pull all-nighters. But even then there’s still leftover make-up on). I think we live in a wonderful world where even the average looking ladies can be striking goddesses with a little touch of make-up. I would hate to live in the 1200′s where being pretty relied only on luck of the draw (genetics).
    Sometimes it does get frustrating to know I’m not naturally a beautiful girl with the perfect oval face, button nose, and blue eyes. It does kind of suck. But I live life with no regrets, especially for things I have no control over.

  • Guenevere says:

    Back in middle and high school when everyone was starting to wear makeup, I made it a point to avoid it. It’s what the ‘popular’ girls did, and that was my way of being not one of them. Over the years I got used to not wearing it and then realized just how much money I was saving by not having a daily makeup regime. More recently though, I’ve tried it (rarely leaving the safety of my room unless someone else has applied it for me, as I still haven’t managed to graduate in technique from Drag-Queen-Stage-Makeup). When I do go out in public with makeup I get tons of comments of how beautiful I look. When I look in the mirror, I see it. But what I don’t see is me, and while she’s pretty, it weirds me out a bit.

    On the other hand, I do want to get more into using makeup. I wear bright clothes, bright shoes, and do crazy things with my hair, nails, and jewelry. Though not always all at once and not everyday. I’m slowly working toward regarding makeup as an accessory – maybe today I feel like wearing the butterfly ring, maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like blue eyeliner. If you’re happy with yourself without make up, yay! If you happen to like the way you look with makeup, that doesn’t make you any more or less of a person. If you’re worried that people will only perceive you as someone worth their attention because you look ‘pretty’, step up your game and make them see that you’re awesome no matter what you happen to look like that day.

  • Agnes says:

    I once felt the same as you. That was before i met my first boyfriend (now ex-bf). We got to know each other on a party where i was all dressed up and had strong makeup on. And we spent our first dates also in Bars and so on and of course i tried to be as pretty as i could, wearing makeup and short skirts and so on. I wanted him to like me because he was very handsome too. Well, that thing went on for some weeks and he only saw me with makeup on until that one evening when he suddenly appeared in front of my door spontaniously asking me to take a walk with him on the phone (i had no doorbell). And I was like omg, i cant, i look like shit, i just got up from bed. And he said “who cares, come out of that door now, i wanna take a walk with you, not a makeup-lesson.”
    And lets say, i didnt go home after that walk but we spent the night at his appartement and when i woke up in the morning i noticed that he was starring at me and i was like “ah, dont look at me, my hair is all messed up and my pillow-creases are printed into my skin.” and wanted to hide my face.
    And he just looked at me and said: You know what i thought, when i first met you? I thought “hot chick! i wanna bang her”. You know what i think now? Youre the most beautiful thing to wake up to and i wanna have just this moment every day.

    What I wanna say with that is, that true love or frienship doesnt give a shit about what you look like with or without makeup. Those poor minds who only notice your beauty when you emphasise on it will never be the people that you have to care about. I know the weaknesses in the looks of everyone of my friends and loves. but i dont care, they all are really beautiful to me just because i love them. I see their true faces. They cant change anything in my sight if they dress up. They will always look the same to me, just as pretty to me.
    Dont see makeup as a way to be liked by others. See it as a part of yourself, as your own personal piece of art and expression. Your makeup IS you. Its just another face of your diversified personality. Its not a mask, its becoming what always was in you, its taking off the mask.

    RachelC Reply:

    Wow. Thanks for sharing. That is so romantic and lovely. :)

    Kaila Reply:

    wow i really love this story :) it’s so sweet!

  • Heather says:

    I hate how I look without make-up, I can barely stand to look at myself without it. I don’t always wear eyeshadow (anymore), but I always use foundation, concealer, eye brightener, mascara, blush, and eyeliner… The few times I’ve gone without I spend the entire day feeling horrible. I’ve always had really low self-esteem, I grew up being told by my mother that I wasn’t exactly pretty – but I had a blank canvas as a face so that I could be made pretty… That’s cool and all, but it really sucks to start hearing at the age of 13 or so – it tends to stick with you. I’m nearly 23 now, and I still think I’m not pretty whatsoever – to the point where I tend to piss off my boyfriend because he compliments me and I try to ‘jokingly’ call him a liar.

  • Rose says:

    I used to not wear make-up (duh) just a couple years aqo. I`m 14-years-old and in 8th qrade. I somewhat follow the “Scene” style so that`s thick make-up and crazy hair. I no lonqer use WAY too mch make-up now, but I think I look utterly disqustinq without make-up, and when I don`t have it on, I cover my face. I`ve always been very self-concious, but now wearinq make-up, I don`t feel AS self-concious, but I don`t think I`m all that pretty, still, either. I`m not encouraqinq people to wear make-up, because most people have that amazinq natural beauty… But I know if you`re very self-concious like myself, a bit of mascara qoes a LONG way c: <3

    Doe Deere Reply:

    I say, whatever makes you feel more confident, Rose! xo

  • Petunia says:

    its so sad to see all these girls posting on here about how much they hate how they look without makeup and dread (even have nightmares about) being seen in public without it. i personally love makeup and getting dressed up, but i dont rely on it! i love how i look with or without makeup. i work at a warehouse, almost all of my coworkers are men, i literally wakeup, brush my teeth, throw some sweatpants and a tshirt on and leave the house. NO makeup, i dont even brush my hair! Women need to embrace what they have and realize that beauty really is on the inside. Dont use makeup or whatever as a crutch. if you don’t love yourself for who you are you will never feel beautiful. even models who outwardly seem confident and look great, feel ugly and like crap sometimes. confidence is what is really attractive in a person, a girl who is all dolled up but doesn’t have the confidence to back it up is not going to look that good….but if you carry yourself with pride and know that you are beautiful inside it will show on the outside.

    Doe Deere Reply:

    I see what you’re saying, but at the same time I can kind of relate to those girls! I hate appearing in public without makeup, but not because I hate the way I look au-naturel, but because I have a certain idea of how I want to present myself to the world. It’s not like I see myself in the mirror in the evening and want to scream — I am aware of what makeup does and how faces look without it — but for me it is a very useful ‘crutch’! Lipstick is an instant confidence booster for me, I smile a lot more when I’m wearing it!

    Can anyone else relate???

    Rhia Reply:

    I feel I can relate – I don’t feel ugly without make-up, just less colourful, and I want to look nice and bright, ‘cos that’s how I feel! I like to think it makes others happy too; I love seeing someone look so bright and colourful.

    So yea, I feel plain without make-up, BUT my friend looks best without it! odd!

    Doe, did you see you were on Hayley Williams Tumblr?

    Agnes Reply:

    I really agree. Makeup is now for me the way to be, what i always wanted to. I like my face without makeup, but what i really want it to look like is that artificial way. i love to look artificial and like a porcelain dolly. I dont want to be that natural beauty, because that is not what i feel like inside. Makeup is a Statement for me that says: I have my life in my own hands. And I rule it.

  • Lauren C. says:

    I’m pretty blessed. I got good skin, black eyelashes and an amazing cupid’s bow. I think I look pretty cute without makeup on as well as with it.

    it’s fun to be able to pull off a variety of looks and surprise people!

    Doe Deere Reply:

    You are so lucky, Lauren! I’m totally jealous. :)

  • AstaNord says:

    I have really pretty features, except for my eyes that tend to look kinda… droopy? It makes me look sad or serious even tho I’m happy so i usually go with light eye makeup :)
    Other than that i usually use a light foundation along with a bit of cosmopop or great pink planet on my cheeks. A light gold highlight over my cheekbones does magical things too.
    I usually skip mascara since it closes my eyes even more and makes them look droopier than they are :)

  • issy says:

    thanks guys now i finally know i’m not alone,also do you see yourself differently to everyone else EG: i see myself as fat and ugly, but in fact i’m underweight everyone tells me i’m skinny and pretty but i don’t see it PLEASE HELP.

  • Sexy Sadie says:

    This s an ongoing discussion, for me it is more like; without my dayly make up I look just like the ordinary norwegian farmer that I am, and with make up I look good.

    Not that I have any trouble with farmers. ;)

  • I think everyone can be beautiful without make up. I don’t agree with the Dotti quote, and my version of this is – “All beauties ARE beautiful – but all beauties are not perfect”

    And you know, I think it is sad to keep reinforcing people cannot be beautiful without make up (which the media especially does on a horrific scale). Personality is what makes a person ugly. It doesn’t matter if you wear make up or not – if you aren’t a nice person, you’re going to look ugly to people who know you. Make up will never, ever change that.

    So many girls are so obsessed with make up and are terrified of going about without wearing it – and it is pretty pitiful to be honest. People should accept you for how you really look without a facade, without you having to feel ashamed of how you really look.

    What this girl doesn’t realise, and all girls who feel this way about make up, is that they are already beautiful – make up can’t make you beautiful, it can only enhance your features, like you said. So no I don’t think people can only look good with make up – I think people look good when they know that they are already beautiful.

  • Kaylen says:

    I won’t leave the house without a bit of blush, mascara, and coloring in my eyebrows at the very least. I’m really pale and I tend to look sick if I’m not wearing something. Yet I’m comfortable with how I look, even if others don’t see anything past my neon colored glasses. I know that I’m beautiful with my crooked jaw and my curvy hobbit-like figure, even in a ballet class surrounded by girls both 8 inches taller and 45 pounds lighter. Real beauty isn’t in perfect facial geometry, it’s in knowing that you’re beautiful in spite of the world’s standards.

  • irene says:

    In society, you aren’t gorgeous unless you have some make up on. Its just what everyone is used to. If make up didn’t exsist, we’d be considered beautiful without it because that’s all everyone will ever see. But in this day in age, people aren’t used to seeing women without make up. Its just the way it is and we shouldn’t feel bad about ourselves because of it. We should continue to do whatever gives us confidence and comfort, all while accepting ourselves and embracing our natural and creative side.

  • [...] Deere answers a readers letter about the battle between being beautiful with make up or being plain without. It’s an [...]

  • Renee says:

    Wahtever makes YOU feel good is going to make you appear more pretty IMO.

    i rarely wear much makeup – and half the time when I do it’s only Mascara.

    There are very few people in this world who are in my opinion truly ugly – it’s the personality underneath I always am drawn to (or not). The very few truly ugly people I’ve met in life actually had truly ugly attitudes – not matter how they look in the miror!

    Sexy Sadie Reply:

    Ugly exicsts.

  • JennaBear says:

    its so funny how different i can look just after a few minutes: one minute its 6:01am and i’m half asleep and squinty-eyed; then just a few minutes later, BAM! my eyes are poppin, sparkling and i’m ready for work! i find it really amazing how a single sweep of eyeliner makes my eyes look so nice! i have smaller almondy eyes, and the eyeliner really elongates my eyes and makes em look so much nicer

  • Toks says:

    I think most people tend to look better with makeup, cos that’s the whole point of makeup! Plus, makeup is so fun :D

  • Norma says:

    I like where your coming from, good point of view.

  • k8 says:

    Hi Doe,
    I am confused by what to think about Lime Crime right now. I was considering buying your lipstick set, when I saw the Encyclopedia Dramatica article. There is a lot of proof about how you scammed people out of charity money and repackage goods. You, apparently, have a past in such things. This is not hate, I am just wondering if you could disprove this. I love your blog, but now I can’t help but wonder. I mean, you have to admit that some of your things do look a lot like the micas. I hope you can shed some light on this!

  • Alex says:

    While I like makeup a lot, I rarely wear it. I don’t think its necessary to wear it to look beautiful, though it can definitely help some people out by making them more comfortable with themselves. I actually know a few people that refuse to go out in public without some on. I, however, only wear it when I feel like it or when I go to a big event, such as a wedding or party. I feel beautiful without wearing it every day though, and I think that’s what counts. :)

  • Britney says:

    I can relate to this post. I feel so ugly without makeup. (It doesn’t help that I don’t have very good skin. I’m always breaking out, even though I use a cleanser daily). My eyes also seem to look very bland and slightly puffy without eyeshadow/eyeliner on.

  • Lation says:

    before i started to use make up i promised myself to not become one of those people who can’t leave the house without make up. soon after that the promise was already broken. i remember i wore make up pretty much everyday for a year, since i had full time school and i go out on the weekends. i would say it took a couple years for me to calm down and accept myself to feel okay without make up. i’m still self cautious without it but A LOT less, which i am very happy about! make up is wonderful, i just try to not let it consume me.

  • Antigone says:

    In high school, I could never wear make-up due to insane amounts of acne (face and back, ick!). Plus, I did martial arts, rollerbladed and such. The only “girly” thing I did was ballet, and that wasn’t even until 10th grade. I’d been playing piano for several years and always hated playing recitals and competition because my parents insisted that I had to wear make-up when all I wanted to do was hide behind my glasses.

    Then along came dance class, and with that, dance team and more and more stage life. I got pretty heavy into a cross between a “raver” style and a “goth” style with my wardrobe, wore heavy amounts of costume type make-up, but never everyday. I really like the fact that I can shower and get out of the house in under 30 minutes. It took me until working in a clothing store to realize that I didn’t have to go all the way with face, hair, and clothes everyday in the way that I had in high school. It also took me forever to figure out a decent skin care regime that didn’t take an hour out of my life everyday. So, working in a clothing store and as a bartender off and on, I learned how to finally apply daily make-up. I’d never show up to work without it. Until, one day I was running super late and had 20 minutes to be ready and get to work. I didn’t have the chance to shower (ick), so I put my hair up in a ponytail, put on my glasses and just ran downtown.

    The comments I got were amazing. Most of my regulars had never seen me without a tiny bit of foundation, a bit of eyeshadow, and mascara (that’s the most I’d ever put on for the job). Even with the glasses, in my somewhat geeky mode, they said I looked beautiful without it. Now, here’s the kicker, I have slight scarring all over my face from my high school acne problems. I’ve always been super paranoid that if I’m in an environment where if I don’t impress people a certain way, then I won’t be successful (as a bartender, as a musician, as a dancer, as whatever role I need to be in the situation).

    So, I came to some acceptance that if I’m not wearing make-up, the glasses go on.

    And just recently, I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll go out with my friends at night, and they’ve spent hours primping and prissing, and all I bother with is making sure my hair is clean and dry, no glasses, no make-up, and actually feeling quite confident. I’m not the prettiest girl on the planet, that’s for certain, but I was blessed with a reasonably proportioned face. My eyebrows finally got some colour to them, but they’re still light, along with my eyelashes. It goes well with the fair skin.

    So, after years of image issues, I’m finally to the point that all I need to leave my house is a smile on my face (given I’m not going to a formal event or a costume party).

    Melissa Reply:

    It sounds strange, but I’ve seen a lot of very beautiful girls who had way less than perfect skin. I feel like the skincare industry sort of feeds people bs about having to have perfectly smooth blemish and scar free skin.
    I mean, there were other girls at college who had very obvious acne scarring, or somewhat acne prone skin, but they were still really pretty even with it.
    I have gigantic pores and after seeing those girls were still pretty with their skin issues, it made me a lot less self conscious about mine.

  • Dani says:

    I totally relate! Being fair skinned and having redness and no eyelashes when I don’t have makeup on makes me feel uncomfortable, but only because I have worn makeup for so long. Sometimes when I have friends over I would keep my mascara on- for school trips and nights where people are sleeping over that I don’t know I still do this! I think one day I will go travelling somewhere and not wear makeup, just to see what it feels like. Even my boyfriend hasn’t seen me without makeup yet but because we are in high school we don’t stay overnight at each other’s houses yet or anything. :P It still makes me anxious to know that he hasn’t seen the “real me”. Sometimes I feel like I am lying and other days I don’t care. I think the main point is you should get to a place where you feel comfortable not wearing this or that- but no one says you have to take it all off to be the real you, because chances are, the real you isn’t only makeup.
    Interesting topic! Love this one! :)

  • Tara says:

    I actually think you’re very naturally beautiful Doe =) I love the fair skin, red hair and big “doe-like” eyes you have<3 Then again I have a thing for foreign girls too lol.

    I used to feel I looked like a monster without at least eyeliner but as I got older I learned it was just an illusion. Makeup looks interesting and artistic on me but I've found that I have a very proportionate face and it all balances out pretty well so a little make up is fine but it can easily mask my features rather then bring them out. I was only able to break the illusion because of my boyfriend of 6 years who showed me what he sees when he looks at me. And he is a brutally honest guy. I only wear makeup when I go clubbing or to concerts now because it's fun but I've learned that for me personally, I don't NEED it.

  • Lexi says:

    I feel like makeup is a crutch. We convince ourselves that we can’t walk out of the house without makeup on!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

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