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Did you know you can bring attention to the natural beauty of your eyes by taking the focus off of them? Follow this tutorial for a ‘nude’ look with a strategic kick of color that will transform you into a perfect little doll of porcelain!



Keep it simple – a wash of nude eyeshadow and some black mascara will do (top lashes only). Use white eyeliner pencil on the waterline, concentrating on the outer corners. Using Nymph eyeshadow, outline the inner corners with a thin brush. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

Tip: To really open up your eyes, curl your lashes again, after mascara’s dried. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

If you have dark eyebrows, simply brush them and style with a drop of gel. If you have lighter eyebrows, fill in with a light pencil, but don’t overdo it – the browless look is in!


There are few secrets to a ‘porcelain’ complexion. One is liquid foundation, which gives you the smoothest coverage you can get. My liquid foundation of choice is L’Oreal’s True Match – with 24 shades to choose from, you are guaranteed to find one that matches your skin perfectly. And, it’s only $10.50! Pour a little puddle onto the sponge and apply evenly all over the face. Secret #2 to flawless skin is to literally eliminate all visible flaws – so cover up any blemishes, dark spots and under eye circles with concealer and don’t let any of them slip by! I use Paula Dorf’s Magic Stick concealer. Set the face with translucent powder – be generous, it makes a difference!

Apply Siren as blush onto the cheeks. (Detailed tutorial on blush application can be found here.) Blend well and wipe off excess blush with a large cotton ball. If the color is still too bright, go over it with the powder again.

Last but very important touch – if you have a skin highlighter (I’m working on some for my line), put some on the middle of your chin, bridge of your nose, and top of the cheekbones. It’s a little trick that will give you an instant glow!


When wearing bright lipstick such as reds, using a lip liner is a good idea. I’m a big fan of Revlon’s Timeliner for Lips in Real Red. Because this is still a fashion look, I opted out of the traditional ‘doll’ mouth, and I went for more modern, bow-shaped lips. Draw a desired outline (feel free to go outside your natural lip line) with a pencil, fill in with Retrofuturist directly from the tube, press your lips together. Dab on some clear gloss on top. Voila!

Deerlings: share your beauty wishes with me. Do you wish for fuller lips? Better skin? Straighter hair?

58 Responses to
“Porcelain Doll: makeup tutorial”

  • Angie says:

    This is a great tutorial, thanks! :D I’m curious though, Doe, how important is lip liner? I’ve never used it myself, but I’ve never actually sat myself down and put on a full face of makeup, LOL.

  • Aether says:

    Beautiful. I love how you look more naturally. I love the other looks too because I love makeup! But this is very pretty. My beauty wishes mostly involve just me wishing I had really nice hair. I also wish I had big thick long eyelashes like my sister, and her wavy hair. Mine has a wave but it’s never predictable, I never know what it is going to do. I guess you a lot of times want what you don’t have.

  • Wilda says:


    I wish I had really pale flawless porcelain skin, I’d actually be kinda pretty if I had. But nooo. Acne galore! I really really really need to get some kinda medication against that, I’ve tried everything else.
    Slightly fuller lips wouldn’t be too bad either (I have veeery thin lips), but I could probably fake that with makeup if I wanted to.

    me Reply:

    i know this is gunna sound cliche but you should really try proactive my cousin had bad bad acne all her life took prescriptions and evrything the acne was all over her back face shoulders everywhere anyway it really really helped her alot…theres also natural things you can do heres some tips…baking soda mixed with water amazing and it keeps your skin soft…apple cider vinger mixed with water another good natural acne fighter…egg whites (let sit for 15min)…any way you should give some of these a try i hope i helped a little

  • Christina says:

    It looks really great :D My beauty wish is to know how to get really full hair with big curls, like yours often is! When I curl my hair, I get small curls and the hair lies flat on my head ;_;

  • Melissa says:

    I know this is a really weird compliment, but thank you for not airbrushing out all your pores. For some stupid reason, I keep obsessing over my face thinking something is wrong with it, but now I see that I just have normal skin.

  • Very Cate Blanchett!

  • MoMo says:

    Fantastic look. I love it!!!

    My beauty wish: fairy godmother who happens to be a lisenced beautician. I have had black hair (not natural) for years. I just recently tried to strip it and wow it didn’t work well. So I went back to the beauty store and I think the lady gave me bleach or something (even though the pack didn’t say it was bleach). Anyway… my roots are blond, some of it’s red, some of it’s brown, some is dark red.

    All my whining translates to someone fix me. lol

  • Kat says:

    really beautiful!!! love the red curls on your blue collar.

  • Jessi says:

    Oh gosh.. you look so pretty.
    Your lipstick made me think of when I tried wearing red lipstick for the first time, recently. It was amusing.. people were shocked to see such a bright color and I kept getting many compliments on my lips.
    Guessing hardly anyone around here uses bright red. :x

    My beauty wish would be for my lips to be slightly fuller, I guess. I love the shape, but I’d like for them to be just a tiiiny bit more.. I’m not sure.. fuller or pouty?
    I’d kill for my love’s lips, if they suited my face. They’re so plump and yums and he has a Cupid’s Bow, but not so much that it makes his upper lip look funny and out of place. [righthere]
    Hoping that link works.. and sshhh~ I so didn’t post his picture here~ ;]

    @Wilda — I took Nature’s Cure for a little over a year and it seemed to help quite a bit. If you’re down for trying it, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. :]

  • Britt says:

    So pretty!
    Is the Revlon True Match the stuff that goes on white and then matches your skin tone? Becuase, i am interested in that, but not sure how it would actually work.

    I think I am going to use some of these tips for halloween!

  • Britt says:

    Oh and my beauty wish(s)
    To have longer hair, i work in a pool, so the chemicals kill my hair… slowly it is growing out.
    and I also wish I didnt have dark eye cicles! then i could get contacts and not wear glasses (glasses hide the circles a bit)

    me Reply:

    the pool used to kill my hair to till i got a salt water pool and i used to use this combo to keep it soft egg whites small amount of extra virgin olive oil and vinnila extract i would put it in my hair and let it sit for 15-30min depending on how dry it was i did this about 1-3times a week as needed it worked wonders for shine softness and smell with out being limp and greasy

    Britt Reply:

    Would you wash the mix out (shampoo and conditioner) or just rinse it out?
    Because I right now I am washing my hair 2/3 times a week and soaking it in jojoba oil the night before I wash it.

  • Cassie says:


    My beauty wish would be for straight hair. My hair is everything but straight: curly, wavy, fly-away, you name it. Straighteners work to an extent but I don’t want to fry my hair. My hair’s also really thick, so it takes forever.

    btw, I’m a redhead, too. =)

  • VictoriaX says:

    Oh my this look is superb!

    And I wish I had a little bit bigger lips and eyes; my cheekbones and forehead tend to drown out the rest of my face.

  • Dona says:

    Whoa, that is AMAZING! It’s like a photo taken straight from the catwalk. Love it, love it, LOVE IT.

    Well, my only beauty wish is less weight, but I’m working on it XD;
    Another one would be a hair dye that doesn’t wash out so fast. I’d like my red to stay red, kthx (not bright, just… strong. I like my hair a strong shade of red.)

  • Dona says:

    And I wanted to add, this one made me think of Linda Bergkvist’s cover for Expose 6 book! :D In a good way, of course. I guess it’s the blue eyes/ beautiful red lips/ flawless skin, haha.

  • Cande says:

    i love the way your skin always looks so soft and flawless!

    there are a few things i don’t like about my look. i’m sure it’s been said above, but i have kind of bad acne (only when i’m stressed, which is kind of now) and i have big pores like in my T-zone, especially my nose and i don’t like that. ick.
    and i have pale eyebrows just like you, but i really like to fill them in. i don’t like it when they’re orange, i prefer a natural, gunmetal grayish shade like shanna moakler! but i don’t have any consistent shape to use (since my natural eyebrow shape is very unflattering) and i don’t think i have the proper technique. so if you did a tutorial that is centered around eyebrows, that would be fantastic, because eyebrows are VERY important (they’re the expression of your whole face– i can’t afford to do them wrong!).

    also, you’re a wonderful feminist woman. and i would love to see a segment on here celebrating body shapes of all kind in women. i think you could take that very far.

    and ok, ramblyness is over.

    :] ttyl.

  • Christina says:

    Love this tutorial! My beauty wish is definitely for straighter, more manageable hair. Mine gets so poofy and frizzy and wild! I also wish my eyes were a little bit bigger. If I wear too much eyemakeup (which I love to do) they can sometimes get lost.

  • tinkerbell86ca says:

    Darling, you look smashing! I shall try this look for my trip to England that is up coming. That mole on your cheek is so cute, very distinctive!

    Beauty wishes . . . diminished dark circles under my eyes, they suck and I can never seem to cover them up and not have them look a tad on the ghostly white side. Non-greasy eyelids (eyeshadow seems to slip around on them and crease and get all icky). Less blemishes . . . though I only seem to get them now around the *special* time of the month (*a-hem*) but tehy are not to hard to cover up.

    Lips . . . mine are pretty full and pouty, but I sometimes wish my top lip was just a wee bit fuller. Really though, what I’d love more is the perfect nude lipstick, and the perfect red for my paleness!

    hair . . . more body to it? It’s not as “fluffy” as I’d like it I guess.

  • Stephanie says:

    Do I wish for fuller lips? No way! I have naturally pouty lips (Angelina Jolie-esque, but mine are narrower), which is great and all but I always look like a hooker when I wear strong lip colors :(

    I also wish I had less hair! My hair is unbelievably thick. It’ll never thin, even though I wish it would. It’s hard to style and hairdressers alternately marvel at my hair and then charge me more for haircuts! It’s also pretty coarse too.

  • Taylor says:

    Your beauty is incomparable. I love this look and can’t wait to try it out. I would like to see you with geisha-esque makeup. I think, with your almond shaped eyes, that it would be amazing.

  • Kellee says:

    Gorgeous, as always!

    My beauty wish would be fuller lips, for sure. And better teeth. :S Mine are gappy, and I really don’t like them. :( Hm.. oh, and also nicer brows wouldn’t be so bad.. lol And another thing(goodness, I feel greedy) would be, like some of the other false red haired ladies, would be to find a good staying red. Mine doesn’t like to last long anymore. :(

    Actually.. I think I would have to agree with MoMo, and say a fairy godmother/licensed beautician. Who wouldn’t want that?! Fantastic! k that’s all… lol

  • Ivannananana says:

    I think my beauty wish is for better skin. My skin is okay, but while every other liquid foundation I’ve worn has sucked, and True Match seems to work best, it still doesn’t have a shade that matches perfectly and stays that way (I mix a few together). I get creases after a long day and my t-zone gets oily and messes things up. I just wish I never even had to put on foundation in the first place and just had perfectly flawless porcelain skin!

  • Alley says:

    I would love a straighter hair tutorial! And a retro/50′s/pin up girl make up look! And maybe one for pale skin, since I am very pale and it’s hard to find good looks that aren’t just boring browns.

  • Clara says:

    My beauty wish at the moment would be clearer skin. When I was younger it was perfect, completely flawless, but now especially lately, it’s got really bad. I know part of it is due to stress of starting college again and little sleep but having never been this bad before it really annoys.

    Anyone lipliners you would think of for red lips? I’ve tried one or two but they don’t work too well.

  • Tonya says:

    Hey Sunshine!!!

    Love your look as always!

    My beauty wish: I used to have mild acne (now just get period pimples) and now I am left with a little scarring which is more evident in certain lighting. I’m not totally let down by this because I really do have other great features! I would love though to find the “perfect” foundation to help cover up more. I also an oily t-zone, I find myself in a position to “pat” my face with a tissue at least twice per day while wearing make-up. I use Almay foundation and pressed powder. I use this brand because it works best for my skin type and it doesn’t make me break out! What other foundations and concealers work wonders?!

  • Carrie says:

    I wish I had bigger lips…a friend once told me that when I wear lipstick they look like the little red strip around baloney slices. :( I wish I wasn’t a “baloney lips”

  • Lauren says:

    Just a little note Ms Deere, is it L’Oreal’s True Match liquid foundation you use? As far as I’m aware (at least in Australia) Revlon doesn’t make a true match foundation.

    Gorgeous tutorial as per usual!


  • jessica says:

    my favorite look of yours thus far! my wish is for a more even complexion and no darkness under my eyes.

  • behnnie says:

    What product modifications would you make color-wise (if any) for darker skin tones? Just use the same color difference ratios between skin color and highlighter, etc.?

  • So beautiful, your lips are absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to try out this look!

  • Jenna says:

    You should do a makeup tutorial
    for your makeup in this picture♥
    i like hoe it looks and i wanna do mine
    like that for halloween i think. unless
    you can do one for halloween like a classy
    vampire makeup look sorta thing.

  • hailey says:

    I mentioned you on my blog today here:
    I hope you don’t mind. Love the Blogazine!

  • jackie says:

    i wish for paler skin
    i’m just totally going to avoid the sun next summer.
    that’s going to be hard >;o

  • A says:

    That Revlon lippie’s on my shopping list now :)

  • juliet says:

    wow i just got this look down, i wore it out and all my friends noticed, i got so many compliments, and now i feel so much better about myself. thank you so so much

  • Alisha says:

    she is beautiful. The way she looks and has her make up, she really looks like a doll, I have been obsessed with the ‘doll look’ for a while now
    I get told I look like a doll very much like my features and how I have my make-up and I get bullied for it in school :’(
    but i think the look is soo beautiful, and its cool because the foundation I have is called porcelain soo it makes your skin look porcelain its oo cool, im really proud of the way I do my make up, people say im too young to wear it though because I do wear bright red lipgloss and im only 15 my parents say I shouldnt even be wearing make-up, but this look is to die for, I love how flawless your skin looks :) wow!

  • Mélie says:

    Stunning. My beauty wish would be to know how to recreate this look for someone with a skintone like Rihanna’s :)

  • turkey bt says:

    süper olmuş türkler sever böyle kızları…..

    ı love you………

  • Cute look! I just do black mascara and little bit of pink on my cheeks for everyday. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Izzy says:

    my beauty wish would be to have completly flawless skin that never went red and never went bumpy and never got spots and was just sooo perfect….

    i would die to be skinny but it’s not really a beauty wish is it?

    your make-up is unbelievable…your incrdibly talented xxx

  • Maria says:

    So Beautiful!

  • mary says:

    i think shes a craker but my eyes are to deep and my nose to long lips ok but i really need me eye liner good for her very beatyfull

  • mary says:

    very beaty full

  • grace says:

    Wow I’m jealous of your skin! you are so pretty! Yeah I wish I had flawless skin like yours…

  • bestfriend86 says:

    I love it! Actually I’m a little bit dissappointed with my own hair. It’s too flat on my head. I wonder how can I make it more volumised look without losing its natural appearance?

  • kagerouhi says:

    love the look, totally using this for a costume where the character looks like a BJD (ball-jointed doll)

    Beauty wishes: Would it be embarrassing to say I never think of it? Fuller eyelashes I guess?

  • rachel says:

    you look just stunning :)
    my beauty wish would be to have thick hair,
    eyes that are not the color of dog poo :( and a less manly face…..gee, i wish i could wear makeup like you do though! i live in a small canadian mural comunnity and the boldest of makeup ive ever seen is blue eyeliner on the tourists….thats why i love visiting the city, theres way more interesting people out there.

  • thee says:

    Hey! I love your blog and totally adore it in every aspect possible, but I’m confused how your website has this same photo with you using your own lipstick, though this was made earlier with revlon lipstick.

  • takohiko says:

    hey i hope youre reeding tis XD even thos its bad grama XP

    im a girl from norway ho is going to dress upp as a porcelain doll nex halowhin (a crypy one of corse) so i wondered if you have a tip ore 2 4 me… please rite to if you have thanks XD

  • Wow, I can’t believe it. I think I found my red-haired lookalike! My face shape is exactly the se shape as you. My eyes are a little more round and lips a little less full, but I’d swear I dyed my hair red when I saw this photo!

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