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Tales of the Unicorn Queen

One of my favorite photoshoots, this was shot in mere 10 minutes. Mark rocks!

I got that dress during my trip to Forever 21 in Times Square. I wore it briefly on a cruise but wasn’t really happy with that outfit. When a package arrived from France full of lovely accessories courtesy of Clara Cherie, I was inspired to dress it up!

You know what else I’m into? Quirky vintage hats, have been for a while. They just don’t make them like they used to! I adore this white number with a flower and a net, so elegant yet quaint! I scored a couple vintage hats during my trip to California, Mark’s aunt is big on antiquing and let me keep a few – so nice of her! Expect more oddball head accessories from me this fall. ;)

Deerlings, do you like hats? What is your favorite style? My absolute favorite must be a beret – ultra-stylish, although can be quite demanding!

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