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Tales of the Unicorn Queen

I adore the 60s model Twiggy. Her face, her presence, her style — so bold, colorful and fun to wear! I enjoy incorporating bits and pieces of her mod style into my own wardrobe with a color-blocking and an occasional futuristic piece. What makes mod so fascinating to me is that it’s both minimalistic and attention-getting: shrinking violets need not apply!


Twiggy’s style was usually comprised of simple shift dresses, oversized geometric patterns and chunky plastic accessories (where my love for eccentric sunglasses comes from). And did I mention pea coats??? It is best if you can find one in a funky color — I once stumbled upon a robin’s egg blue one, alas it was too small! The search continues…


Twiggy hair. Looks great on Twiggy, SO not my thing. I prefer something voluminous to the flat and the subdued. This is where experimentation comes in — by not copying the look to the T, you just might create something that’s uniquely your own. At the moment, I’m big on pairing typical mod items with large, statement-making hair.


Twiggy’s makeup deserves a separate chapter. How can one resist that heavy eyeliner, sharply-defined crease and pale lips? It’s so done-up and over-the-top, so perfect. I paid homage to this in my Leprechaunia tutorial and many more to come, I’m sure. Famous person who resembles Twiggy the most? Ke$ha. She has the freckles and the oval face and overall just looks like her. I am convinced that if given the proper makeup, she could be a dead ringer! Do you see that?


When I met the model Von Moses, my jaw dropped: she looked just like Twiggy, born 40 years later. She even had the same blonde hair in a short cut! Von loved the idea of being transformed into the iconic 60s model, and this is what we got:

Wanna know how I did it?

Check out my Twiggy tutorial!

Deerlings, do you like Twiggy? Any 60s fads that appeal to you?

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