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I adore the 60s model Twiggy. Her face, her presence, her style — so bold, colorful and fun to wear! I enjoy incorporating bits and pieces of her mod style into my own wardrobe with a color-blocking and an occasional futuristic piece. What makes mod so fascinating to me is that it’s both minimalistic and attention-getting: shrinking violets need not apply!


Twiggy’s style was usually comprised of simple shift dresses, oversized geometric patterns and chunky plastic accessories (where my love for eccentric sunglasses comes from). And did I mention pea coats??? It is best if you can find one in a funky color — I once stumbled upon a robin’s egg blue one, alas it was too small! The search continues…


Twiggy hair. Looks great on Twiggy, SO not my thing. I prefer something voluminous to the flat and the subdued. This is where experimentation comes in — by not copying the look to the T, you just might create something that’s uniquely your own. At the moment, I’m big on pairing typical mod items with large, statement-making hair.


Twiggy’s makeup deserves a separate chapter. How can one resist that heavy eyeliner, sharply-defined crease and pale lips? It’s so done-up and over-the-top, so perfect. I paid homage to this in my Leprechaunia tutorial and many more to come, I’m sure. Famous person who resembles Twiggy the most? Ke$ha. She has the freckles and the oval face and overall just looks like her. I am convinced that if given the proper makeup, she could be a dead ringer! Do you see that?


When I met the model Von Moses, my jaw dropped: she looked just like Twiggy, born 40 years later. She even had the same blonde hair in a short cut! Von loved the idea of being transformed into the iconic 60s model, and this is what we got:

Wanna know how I did it?

Check out my Twiggy tutorial!

Deerlings, do you like Twiggy? Any 60s fads that appeal to you?

43 Responses to
“Style Icon: Twiggy + Mod makeup tutorial”

  • Ashelle says:

    The colours are beautiful! I love the chunky/separate lower lashes.

  • Jumon says:

    I do like Twiggy for she reminds me of a very good friend of mine, only that my friend has black hair. My friend was invited to start modelling but she turned them down :/

  • Andrea says:

    I love Twiggy!!! Such an amazing face. :)

  • Melody Moon says:

    Twiggy in an amazing fashion icon, I love the colours, her face everything…However, I resent Twiggy for one thing, she was the one who started the tendence of extra skinny models and since I’m totally in love with the 50′s body shape, I don’t like her very much fot that.

    Doe Deere Reply:

    I don’t know if she meant to start it… That’s just the kind of body she had and she made it acceptable after the voluptuous 50s.

    Maja Reply:

    I don’t think it’s very fair to like someone simply because their look was liked…

    Melody Moon Reply:

    yeah but she is known for it and this is a taste matter only. I loved the 50′s and, in my opinion, that wasn’t the best change. That’s just an opinion of look because it’s what we are commenting here. I hope you understand =)

    Maja Reply:

    Fair enough!

  • Flip says:

    Twiggy <3 On of my favorites!
    Love this, thank you so much~

  • Jesi says:

    I adore Twiggy! And I absolutely love the makeup tutorial – generally I don’t do much in the way of makeup, but I’m super tempted to give this a try!

  • LeahJanes says:

    I have eternal love for 60s mod anything. It comes back into style once every 10 years or so, it’s been a while now so I am overdue for a mod-go-around. I hope it comes back into style sooooon….

  • Annie says:

    Oh, I’m so so so glad you did an article on her!!
    I love just about everything from the ’60′s; I really feel that I’d have fit in well then. She’s such an inspiration to me, especially combined with Warhol.

    I’ve done a few mod looks in the past, with the usual white lid colour and black in the crease, but also with white on the lid and blue in the crease, and pink on the lid and purple in the crease.
    Definitely going to try this too!

    Annie Reply:

    Ugh, please excuse my sentence “in combination with Warhol”.
    I wasn’t thinking properly and mixed up Twiggy with Edie Sedgwick – duh! It was only until the other day when I read something about Twiggy that I remembered this comment, realized my mistake and felt I had to clear the air, haha!

    Anyway, I adore them both!

  • Natalie says:

    I thought you did a great job of channeling Twiggy in your tutorial! Kudos. I felt you did a great job of explaining how to recreate the look (and how to not screw it up) than you have in the past as well :)

  • Jillian says:

    Lately I’ve been definitely copying the Twiggy look while I wait for my hair to grow out more and find some more order! I’ve gone from having a semi-mohawk to have the 60s mod look and I’m quite enjoying it! Alas, I also don’t have the classic pea coat, but I’m definitely working on it! I’ve dabbled with doing the Twiggy look and I find it fun, fun, fun!

  • Tokidoki says:

    I have always loved Twiggy and the whole British mod style so I love this post. I love wearing mod 60′s dresses since they are very flattering on my petite frame. I am also quite obsessed with all the 60′s fashion on the show Mad Men. My bf and I are taking notes so we can make similar dresses for myself.

  • Phoebe says:

    Twiggy is one of my favourite supermodels, along with the beautiful Kate Moss! Those two really defied the whole ‘you have to be tall to be a model’ stereotype.

  • Maja says:

    I’ve been meaning to do a Twiggy tutorial for a while now!

  • valtornia says:

    Awww I love the make up !

  • Domonique says:

    Absolutely adore your blog, very original! Gorgeous images!

    I’m a fan!


  • Gabi says:

    I really love her too. Remember the topless pic of her in Vogue? It was half the people having a fit the other half saying what difference did it make. She broke the mold in so many way, being ultra skinny, the hair (which was at the time considered unacceptably short) and the makeup and clothes. What an icon. Great spreads you guys did on her.

  • Wow, great job capturing and modernizing the Twiggy look! Ahhh… Twiggy had like the perfect oval-shaped face. I’m jealous.

  • Yoshi says:

    Haha, I happen to have a 60s pea coat that is almost a robin’s egg blue! I bought it for myself from an op shop, for some crazy price… but I haven’t worn it yet because for ages I thought it was a dress with no buttons at the skirt. Haha.

    It’s also pretty small though.

  • Dulcey says:

    I lurrrrrve Twiggy! I actually have a beehive so yes I do enjoy a lot of 1960′s fads! Plus I cover everything with hippie stickers! So I actually have a better connection to the 60′s than I thought I did before this post!

    P.S. I checked out that lovely Twiggy tutorial – I’m trying it out tomorrow for a date! Thanks, Doe!

  • Maja says:


    I was just curious as to how long it usually takes Lime Crime orders to arrive to UK buyers after ordering?

    It’s probably impatient of me, but I’m really excited! :D

  • Sierra says:

    I love Twiggy’s look. She was stunning back then, and is aging more gracefully than just about everyone I know. When I used to watch America’s Next Top Model I agreed with her more than any other judge that they had. Her eye for fashion is fab.

  • Gracie Martin says:

    I absolutely ADORE Twiggy. I did a Twiggy inspired eyes some time ago, I’ll have to find the picture and show you.

  • MagicShrooms says:

    Twiggy is my family’s freind actually :D She baby sat me as a child and I can confirm that she is SO nice and not at all stuck up.

    Doe Deere Reply:


  • kaiya says:

    I love twiggy! especially since i started watching ANTM. she’s so cool :D. love the 60′s

    Doe Deere Reply:

    Oh yeah, it’s so awesome to see her on ANTM! She looks different now — almost unrecognizable — partly because she does her makeup differently. That’s what you get for having a signature look!

  • Luna says:

    twiggy is such a cute girl. i love her BIG deer eyes :}

    but i think you should have used great pink planet instead of cosmopop, just to match the picture more.

  • MayaAleksandra says:

    I love the look! What an adorable model you did the makeup for! Great job! She really looks just like Twiggy.

    However, I don’t see any resemblancce between Twiggy and Ke$ha, but something must be there if you see it. :D

  • Brittany S says:

    Twiggy is a classic and so is your beauty! I really like this look too and if I had oval shaped eyes I’d go for it.

    My favorate 60′s/70′s icon was Jane Burkin. Infact I have her on my MP4 singing with Serge Gainsbourg.

    Brittany S Reply:

    “Your beauty” I meant Her Beauty! But your beautiful too:)

  • Veronica says:

    I love the 60s style and all its bright, eccentric patterns, though I’m sorty of bothered by the fact that Twiggy sort of launched or at least preempted the “waif” trend in the modeling industry. Tiny, petite frames are just fine, but I really wish there was more body variety in the modeling industry.

  • bambam says:

    Love it! Inspired me to do a photoshoot twiggy styled :)
    Doe Deere, you are my inspiration entirely!

  • Cathey says:

    doe, how did you lighten Von Moses’ eyebrows like that!?

    Doe Deere Reply:

    I used concealer. If your eyebrows are really dark though, you might want to bleach them a bit (try Jolene facial bleach).

  • Ben Mcmillan says:

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  • Cathy Hatfield says:

    Twiggy has always been my favourite model since the 60′s,I was an original Mod all through the 60′s and she was a role model for me back then along with Mary Quant and Vidal Sassoon.
    Great page by the way !!

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