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The Snuff Bottle Dress

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I was about to exit the thrift shop when I saw a black dress hanging on a rail. It had the most peculiar pattern; at first I mistook it for vases. Upon closer examination it turned out to be snuff bottles: glass jars painted from the inside, an artform originating from Asia.

Being Eurasian myself, I am mystically drawn to all things Asia; the motif is frequent throughout my dwelling and belongings. This dress has a traditional mandarin-style collar and slits all the way up to the waist — stunning. I paired it with pale blue boots, marabou feather jacket from the flea market, gold bunny belt (gift from my sister), and a stack of bangles. I wore thick red tights and pretended not to care when the panels flapped wildly in the wind: my bold red lips said it’s ok.

P.S. If you’re wondering where I’ve been, it’s Tumblr. I’m addicted!!!

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