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The Sun Always Rises.

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“The Sun Always Rises”. Makeup by Maryam, using the Alchemy Palette.

“Today’s makeup post is symbolic and optimistic, dedicated to all the victims of Hurricane Sandy, including my family. After the storm, the sun always rises, and we are looking forward to a brighter future! The makeup companies I work with have been tremendously supportive of Hurricane Sandy victims and many have offered to donate a percentage of their sales to various organizations and relief funds. Please support their efforts and help those who are now in need.” – Maryam Maquillage

As a small business owner and a New Yorker, I feel it is my duty to get involved and do my part. I would like to personally thank Lime Crime customers for helping us raise $1,125.17 in just 2.5 days (with 4 more days to go!), to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast. If you’d like to learn more and participate, please go here. THANK YOU.

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