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Trend alert: DIY your accessories!

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My newly DIY’ed shoes (yep, I painted that toy piano too!)

DIY-ed accessories are everywhere recently: sequined tights, studded boots, decked out frames and even spiked sunglasses. Whether it’s recessionista chic or just a fun way to personalize your wardrobe, I’m all over it!

This pair of sequined heels were purchased at Wet Seal and were patiently anticipating their debut in spring. I decided to prep them for the season with a contrast sole, a-la Christian Louboutin – but in candyfuturistic colors. According to TheFashionSpot, baby blue is the IT color for Spring 2010 which is great, since robin’s egg is my favorite color of the moment. :) I picked up some acrylic paint from a craft store and got to work.

Before the makeover

Outdoor Patio Paint claims to be weather and water-proof – perfect for this project. I picked some up in Blue Bahama at a craft store. I painted soles and heel with a brush (it helps to have a smaller brush handy for hard-to-reach spots) and it took 2 coats for the color to go opaque. Results were smooth and semi-glossy. This paint dries to the touch within minutes but you want to wait 24 hours before wearing these outside.

Finished result!

I LOVE my new shoes!!! The turquoise looks gorgeous against rainbow sparkle of sequins and purple insoles. I can’t wait to wear these once the weather allows it – until then, I’ll rock them around the house!

Deerlings: do you DIY your accessories? Share your creations with us!

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