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Voltaire & Jayme's Goth Wedding

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Jayme, Voltaire, Mars, and their “olde friend”

Every time Voltaire calls, I feel like he’s is about to make an indecent proposition. This time was no exception – in a very husky voice, he asked for our address… and then invited us to his wedding. His throat may have been sore from Dragon*Con, but nothing could stop this man from marrying Jayme!

The ceremony and reception were held in – what else? – a gothic-style former synagogue on Lower East Side. Candle chandeliers and old-time jazz band created a dark, romantic atmosphere similar to Dances of Vice parties (in fact, Voltaire proposed to Jayme at NYE Dances of Vice party last winter; they kept the theme even hired the same band that played that night).

I am happy to report that there was nothing traditional or ‘normal’ about this wedding. Guests were covered in tattoos & piercings, there were no stuffy toasts or speeches, and a tuxedo’d corpse was presiding at the end of table! I was quite surprised to find Jayme wearing white (I was half-expecting to see the bride in black).

The corpse is from Voltaire’s Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend) video

The beautiful Shien Lee of Dances of Vice

White roses & black napkins

In spite of being a huge fan of Goth culture, I’ve been pretty out of touch with the scene. I was agonizing over what to wear for weeks, eventually settling on a black lace dress, a fascinator and glossy black lips (Styletto was a huge hit!).

I ran into many old friends. This is Xris Flam, we worked together on my solo record.

Mark doing his best Ricky Rocket expression

Voltaire & his son Mars

When it comes to Goths, overcomplexity is almost expected – we want everything to be not-like-everyone-else’s and as a result spend a lot of time over-planning & stressing out over every single detail. Voltaire & Jayme managed to pull off “different” by doing the very opposite – keeping things simple & relaxed. It was the most laid back wedding I’ve ever been to, with just enough structure to keep the guests engaged and enough leeway to lay back, dance and have a good time. May their life together be the same way!

P.S. Outfit post coming up!

51 Responses to
“Voltaire & Jayme's Goth Wedding”

  • Ashley says:

    I’ve never seen black lips look good before! Honestly, black lips usually make me cringe (and I’ve been gothy for years), but yours are definitely a hit. Your lipsticks look fabulous with gloss overtop!

    Will their be an outfit post later on?

  • Ashley says:

    Is that entire building bright purple?? I love it!!

  • Simone says:

    I’m guessing that’s Styletto? Looks good!


  • Nicole says:

    First of all, you look amazing. You’re the 1st person I’ve seen who has successfully pulled off the black lipstick look.

    Secondly, I tip my hat to this Voltaire and Jayme of whom you speak. They properly executed the whole goth ceremony with elegance and without being cliche.

    Leiary Reply:

    Voltaire is a goth/gypsy musician, and he’s amazing.

  • Suzanne C. says:

    that is such a gorgeous wedding! the brides look is so unique and glamorous. The venue the table it’s all like a dream. Oh And I loved how you dressed (hair/make-up/jewlery) Its …running out of adjectives here..I LOVE it its so my style! Oh yeah and great now I really want styletto too. *frowns* as if I had any money for 4 lipsticks.

  • Noelle says:

    That looks like one amazing wedding. I love the feel it had. It looks so beautifuly done. Also you look so stunning! would love to see the whole outfit you wore.

  • Suzanne C. says:

    That looks like an amazing wedding! The bride looks so unique and glamorous and that venue and those tables, everything is a dream. Okay maybe not the corpse if it was MY wedding but it’s funny. You look so…runs out of adjectives…well I LOVE it! The way you dresssed the make-up, earings the jewlery is all so My style. Oh and now I Must have styletto, GREAT! *frowns* thanks Doe like i can affford 4 lipsticks. ;P
    BTW it didn’t let me post at 1st I had to re-write this.

  • Rhia says:

    What a gorgeous looking ceremony! Voltaire has the same style as my boy. almost makes me change my mind about getting married hmmm..

    Limey; where did katy perry say she loved your lipsticks?? that’s amazing! and I can’t wait to get ‘o no she didn’t’

  • The black lips look hot!

  • Hendrix says:


    …there’s something about Voltaire that makes me think he needs to twist the ends of his moustache a la’ Snidely Whiplash. Many congratulations to the newlyweds!

  • Doe Deere says:

    ♥ Rhia
    She said it to her stylist, who apparently introduced her to Lime Crime. :) Now I have to watch Getty Images like a hawk to see if I recognize my lippie in there somewhere!

  • Kat V says:

    Amazing! and… you’re smiling! :)

  • Angie says:

    Looks like a beautiful wedding (and you’re rockin’ the black lipstick!)

    Just to let you know I reviewed your eyeshadow on my beauty blog. :) Satisfied customer! ^

  • Suzanne C. says:

    Oooops sorry! It didn’t post so i re-wrote it and gtried to remember and posted again. arghhh!

  • Alison says:

    I adore your eye makeup so much. I love the whole look, really; you look sophisticated and elegant. I look forward to the outfit post.

    The wedding looks like it was beautiful. What a spectacular venue! Congrats to Voltaire and Jayme!

  • Jacki says:

    Gorgeous wedding, I’m so happy for them!

    You look beautiful, Xenia! The lipstick is magnificent! I shall be purchasing!

  • Maria G says:

    Hello!! love these pics! i have several gothic and sweet lolita dresses, love the goth scene but as you im not into that too much now. Congratulations for Kate Perry saying that!! that’s great! Ive just ordered my No she didnt lipstick!! cool!! looking forward to it! and looking forward too to the outfit post, kisses!

  • wumples says:

    Awwwwwww, this made me tear up!

  • kagitsune says:

    Wow, you’re friends with Voltaire! I adore his brand goth/folk/parody music. :D You’re so lucky. :3

  • Aerie says:

    I am teeming with so much jealousness. I’m a huuuge Voltaire fan, but I’ve never even seen him on concert, since he rarely makes it over to the West Coast anymore.

    Mere Reply:

    True. I wish he would. I live in LA and he would be so welcomed. :(

  • Caitlin says:

    Awww, what a beautiful wedding. I’m so happy for them. Some people on here don’t seem to realise that you were in The Oddz with him. They’re such a lovely couple, and Mars is just adorable. Voltaire has always been super nice the few times I’ve talked to him. And you of course, look super amazing.

  • Becky says:

    What an incredible wedding! I’m going to one soon – although it’s on Halloween I doubt it’ll be like the one you attended!

  • Rebecca says:

    That looks like such an awesome wedding. Jayme’s dress is beautiful, and Goth Doe is HOT! (;

  • Jasmin says:

    This wedding looks so fun! I always had the absurd fantasy of having a funeral themed wedding. I’d want all guests to appear in black lace, veils and the whole nine yards, just like in the godfather. And I’d be carried to the altar in a coffin.

    This is absurd only because a) I’m not a goth and b)I’m not even sure I want to get married.

    Also on the list: a wedding in red, a hippie wedding on the beach and a small and traditional wedding in my granny’s garden.

    P.S. On first glance that table looks like a clock
    P.P.S. Styletto looks killer!

  • Tina says:

    Aw I love Voltaire!! & Your makeup looks AWESOME! I wish all black lipstick could look good!

  • Pinksky86 (Jackie) says:

    Looks like you had a lot of fun!! I love it when weddings are unique to the couple getting married. Very cool that they did their own thing. You look lovely btw…and I agree with an earlier post, that I’ve never seen someone in black lipstick look so good. Styletto is really a great color. =) I can’t wait to see the outfit post too.

  • Gaiya says:

    Em… I don’t think the lip swatches on the lime crime website does justice. It looks so much better in these photos. I think it would be better to put up a whole face shot instead of just the lips… I don’t know what others might think of the idea..

    Congrats to the bride and groom. They did it very classy I must say. :)

    Rickey Reply:

    Yes, I think you’re right- pictures of Doe just wearing the lipstick in various instances would be better for the lime crime site, because (at least on my computers) the styletto swatch at least looks grayer than it is according to these pics.

  • Tianne Marie says:

    The bride’s dress reminds me of Vionnet and you are a black rose in full bloom- love it!

  • Glendy says:

    OMG Voltaire got married!!! I met him at your last Maskara event, I was like who is Voltaire?! and then I realized what a big figure he was in the goth culture. BTW i love your fascinator I am wearing one to my cuz wedding ;) I love your new lipstick btw it looks AMAZING!

    Much love,
    Glendy <3

  • Cacau says:

    OMG! I love Voltaire’s work so much! *-*

  • Smurfzilla says:

    i was so sad i didnt make it to dragoncon… i wanted to go so much.. cons are so much fun in general.. plus a lot of my fave musicians were there.
    love Voltaire’s work. school has put a damper on my concert going as of late (yarg! it drains my monetary supply). glad to hear the wedding went well. im hoping he puts up some more pics from it. it looked like quite the event!
    and i agree.. the lipstick colors look AMAZING on a person.. the color swatches on the site definitely dont do them justice.. im definitely going to have to place some orders when i get paid now.

  • cakes says:

    I have that EXACT head piece! Got it on ebay.

    Perfect makeup.

  • Cacau says:

    hahaha by the way Doe, I super disagree that goths worry about every single detail…
    At least I don’t…
    To me getting ready is almost natural and, if I did not take so long adding color to my face, I’d be ready in 15 minutes the most hahaahahah! ^^
    Fun post!

    Oh, and good entry on that journal! ^^
    I made my first order at LimeCrime yesterday! I can’t waaait!

  • Your make-up is stunning. You managed to make a black lip look not goth at all, but 20′s starlet. Really beautiful!

  • Kat A says:

    1. i was hoping you’d post about the wedding!! i’m glad you did!
    2. my first boyfriend looks disturbingly similar to voltaire.
    3. you look really really cute with black lipstick! you should smile more often in pictures. ;)

  • Kat A says:

    btw, jayme is HOT!

  • Rebecca says:

    Voltaire is seriously one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met, and so nice!
    I met him at the Dances of Vice brunch this past summer, actually, before he went traipsing off to all his conventions…

    I’m so happy for him! ^_^

  • Ashley says:

    With the black lipstick, can you one day do a tut on how to make it look good? When I try to put it on I can’t ever seem to make my lips look even, I can always see some pink. :[ But it looks AMAZING and perfect on you!

  • Sarah says:

    I agree about you rocking the black lipstick! I think it’s because you’re not covered in black from head to toe.

  • Rosie says:

    Wow, that wedding looks so cool! I’m not goth, but I definitely want a slightly gothic wedding.

    I adore the lipstick, I am can’t wait to get some!

  • [...] I wrote to Voltaire’s very goth wedding. [...]

  • Jackie says:

    Neeeat! My boyfriend introduced me to Voltaire’s music about a year ago. I enjoy it very much so.
    His wedding seems like it was super cool!

  • Euphoria says:

    I actually discovered you way way back from Voltaire’s website. They’re both nice people and I’m so happy to see him and Jayme getting married.

    I don’t know what people are saying about black lipstick. The only problem I’ve ever seen with it is low quality and I can’t wait to get Styletto so I don’t have to wear black eyeliner mixed with gloss anymore.

    People should be more open minded, just because you don’t like black lipstick on someone is no reason to get fussy. Makeup is about fun.

  • OMG!

    I’m so jealous.

  • Rickey says:

    Well, the lipstick looks MUCH better here than in the swatches, and it looked pretty good in the swatches. I wish I could have been there- I would have met you, Voltaire, tons of other cool people, and gotten to go inside that amazing gorgeous gothic building! Where was it exactly?

  • Aerin says:

    Gorgeous fascinator! We actually designed Voltaire & Jayme’s wedding invitations so we’re thrilled to see the photos of the big event.

  • Tina says:

    You look absolutely stunning (as do the bride and groom)!

    Funny story: My gentleman friend is a huge Voltaire fan, and I’ve loved your makeup tutorials ever since your old Lime Crime site. I picked out one of the looks you posted for my first Voltaire concert and sent the link to show him. He looked at the photo and said, “wait, she looks familiar… oh! She’s the Oddz’s keyboard player.” I hadn’t even known there was a connection between the two of you!

  • it looks so beautifull i only wish to live a long happy life after being married like that in the most romantic setting ever everyone looked so awesome ( tell me if Mars is single <3)

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