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Girl With A Flamingo Balloon

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Girl with a flamingo balloon

Girl with a flamingo balloon

 Girl with a flamingo balloon


Corset & skirt: Glimmerwood
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange
Lips: Suedeberry Velvetine


Category Doe Deere

Confession time: I am totally obsessed with flamingos right now.

Flamingo-pink is my new favorite color, I’m frantically buying everything flamingo-related — in fact, I’ve decided that I am a flamingo! Yes, a purple-tinted flamingo. I like the birds for what they represent: exotic luxury, care-free living and retro-kitch. I also think it’s fascinating how the birds themselves aren’t at all pretty, yet they can’t seem to take a bad picture!

Yeah, you’ll be seeing a lot of flamingo-related stuff from me…

And now, time for some pictures!

Flamingo glasses

Case-in-point: rose tinted flamingo glasses. These remind me of this Valfre drawing. :)

Flamingo girl

Striking my best flamingo pose…

Miu Mius

I didn’t have flamingo socks (travesty!) so I had to settle on swallows & polkadots. Yes, both, simultaneously.

Doe & Mark

I’m lucky to have a man who understands: Mark wore a flamingo-pink shirt on my birthday! :D

Shrug: Vintage
Dress: F21
Flamingo glasses: gift
Shoes: Miu Miu
Socks: eBay, I think
Lipstick: Geradium + Centrifuchsia mix

Watermelon Outfit & Makeup!

Category Doe Deere

Watermelon inspired makeup

Watermelon Outfit

Watermelon H&M purse

Watermelon socks & purse

Teal sunglasses

What came first, the watermelon outfit or watermelon makeup? In my case, the socks!

I saw a pair of watermelon knee-highs at Fred Flare and fell in love. Soon after I found myself obsessed with watermelons! I decided to build an entire outfit, complete with makeup, inspired by watermelons — which I wore it to the Generation Beauty event. It was a big hit!

Socks: Fred Flare, $12.50
Purse: H&M
Dress, belt, sunglasses: Forever 21
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange
Watch: Target
Makeup: Chinadoll & Palette d’Antoinette (eyeshadows), Countessa Fluorescent + Centrifuchsia (lips), all by Lime Crime.

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