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If you are a small business owner, blogger, designer, or model looking to build or boost your following, this is for you!

Doe Deere Blogazine is an online publication for and about women, yielding a quarter million individual page views per month. It encourages females of all ages to find & develop their individuality by experimenting with style, makeup, and thinking differently. It boasts a truly international reach with an extremely involved, highly loyal audience who feel a personal connection with the author. I have gained my readers’ trust by recommending only high-quality content and resources that they can actually benefit from. I would never recommend something I didn’t truly like or wouldn’t use myself.

As someone who has built a brand from the ground up, I know that simply creating a great product is not enough. People need to know about it before it starts selling like hotcakes, and it takes well-placed advertisement to push it over the edge. Doe Deere Blogazine is committed to helping small businesses just like yours gain exposure and build followings!


With an indie business owner in mind, I’m offering Small Business Ad Space on my blog — for a price everyone can afford!

Why do it:

  • 267,000 pageviews per month
  • 53% US readership, followed by Canada and UK
  • 97% Female

In addition to the sheer volume of impressions you’ll get, my readers love to shop indie and to discover new things that allow them to express themselves & enhance their world! They are a smart, individualistic bunch. They don’t care about the latest sale at Macy’s, but their hearts start to beat a little bit faster when they find a cool new Etsy seller. In short — and I know this first-hand — give them something unique and they will support it wholeheartedly!!!

OPTION 1: INDIE GEMS (most affordable & fun!)

125 x 125 px button | $2/day

Perfect for start-up businesses, freelancers, makeup artists, bloggers, jewelry-makers, and everyone who wants to spread the word about their awesomeness! Claim your spot today for only $2 a day for as many (or as few!) days as you’d like. Your ad will appear on the sidebar under INDIE GEMS.  Go here to get started!


300 x 250 px banner

Ideal for indie shops, the most bang for your buck! Have a sustained presence and get your message consistently into the minds of potential customers through a large banner. Your ad will appear on the sidebar under FEATURED PARTNERS. Email me at to get started!

1 month – $120
2 months – $220
3 months – $320


300 x 250 px banner | $4/day

Going away on vacation before the end of the month? Want to try it only for a couple of weeks? Not a problem! Display your large banner for any number of days for only $4/day. Your ad will appear on the sidebar under SPONSORS. Go here to get started!

You’ve worked hard. You’ve created something you’re proud of. Don’t let it go unnoticed!


“Most of the customers referred from Doe Deere Blogazine are the ones who spend the most in my shop, and are always repeat customers. This blog is definitely worth advertising on, it pays for itself!” — Leyla, Owner of

“I started advertising on Doe Deere Blogazine about half a year ago, because I figured that people who love colorful make-up, must surely love colorful jewelry & accessories too. Since then, my traffic has increased enormously. I advertise on various blogs, but the ad on Doe Deere Blogazine is the one that brings me most traffic. In fact, Google Analytics tells me it’s my number 3 traffic source, with only direct traffic & google searches bringing in more! Money well spent, I’d say!” — Maartje, Owner of

“I’ve tried advertising on several blogs in the past, but wasn’t really having a lot of luck getting customers to my shop. When I found Doe Deere Blogazine, I figured the readers would really relate to Octopus Parlour’s aesthetic and I was right! Advertising with Doe’s blog has consistently brought more page views to my online store than any other site I’ve worked with. I highly recommend advertising here if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and attract more customers!” — Lauren, Founder of Octopus Parlour

“I advertised on Doe Deere Blogazine a few months ago and got saw a lot of new traffic on my Etsy shop! I had several requests for custom orders, it seems like the readers love bold and exciting accessories (how can you not?). It was definitely worth while, and I’m planning on advertising with this blog more and more in the future! — Paige, Creator of

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